Top 10 Flowers that Look Best for Your Bloom Bottles

There’s no doubt: it is every bride’s dream to have an exceptional wedding of their own! With various theme inspirations and decoration ideas, it is now possible for couples to achieve their dream celebration. Among the wide variety of wedding design concepts, one of the most popular is the flower bottle decoration.

Here are the Best Flowers for Bloom Bottles

Other than being an affordable way to beautify a celebration, blooms in bottles add a quaint character to the whole affair. Most arrangements exude rustic appeal, but you can also blend other styles such as romantic and modern into the combination. As an example, you can check out Joelle and Oliver’s modern wedding featuring amber bottles filled with various flowers!

If you’re wondering about the top floral selections that look best for your bloom bottles, see our top list by reading until the end.


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Red, Light Pink, Ivory, Purple, Blue
Late Spring to Late Summer

You can always count on astilbe to sprinkle some hint of whimsy to your decoration. This feather-shaped bloom can be mixed with dahlias, roses, peonies, greeneries, or basically anything!

Aside from looking so good when combined with any flowers, this belle also stands out on its own. For instance, you can maximize astilbe’s charm by utilizing some long neck bottles as its container.



White and Yellow
Spring and Summer

Other than being a popular option for serving tea, chamomile can also impress you in the visual section. This white and yellow flower is a great option for brightening up your wedding day.

Chamomile comes with varying sizes which you can combine for decorating your reception tables. If you want to play with more colors, this flower also looks great with vibrant gladiolus or romantic peonies.

Image Source: Wedding Forward

Queen Protea


Image Source: Style Me Pretty

Pink, Coral, Cream
Spring and Summer

Make a statement by enlacing your tables with this eye-catching gem! With its daring appearance and unique beauty, a protea will definitely stand out from the crowd. Spoiler alert: this extraordinary flower is an attention seeker!

For a summer-themed celebration, you can combine your proteas with tropical colors and greeneries. No need for fancy bottles: even the clear-colored ones will do the trick!

Wax Flower


White, Blue, Purple, Pink
Late Winter to Early Spring

If there will be a movie about flowers, wax flowers will probably be a supporting actress or the ‘extra’. Most of the time, these blooming beauties are applied as complimentary fillers to floral arrangements. However, wax flowers can also be the lead character to your story!

These tiny bloomers come with vibrant colors that are perfect for your wedding centerpiece. Put your wax flowers in small bottles and align them in the center of your reception tables for a vibrant yet affordable décor!

Image Source: Style Me Pretty



Spring and Summer

Also called as Billy Balls, craspedia is mostly used for adding visual interest in bridal bouquets. Available in yellow color, these globe-shaped blooms are ideal for inserting a hint of quirk into your celebration.



Blue, Purple, White
Summer and Fall

Commonly termed as Alpine thistle, Eryngium is a perennial wildflower that is known for its bold texture and spikey appearance.

Most of the time, this unique flower is used for adding an interesting accent to flower arrangements. Since it is mostly available in dark blue and purple, you can dress it up by adding some light-colored blooms in the decor coalescence.

Image Source: Ivory and Beau

Baby’s Breath


Image Source: Hi Miss Puff

Yellow, Orange, Pink, Blue, Purple, White

Also called as Gypsophila plant, baby’s breath is a classic representation of innocence, charm, and everlasting love. During the early 90’s, florists tucked these sprigs into every bridal bouquet that they arrange due to its symbolism.

Nowadays, baby’s breath is mostly used for adding some whimsical accents to wedding decorations. Maximize the delicate charm of these blooms by placing them in dainty bottles and jars!



Yellow, Red, Coral, White, Pink
Spring and Summer

Placing a peony in your wedding tables will surely sprinkle a romantic charm to your celebration. With its silky blooms and gorgeous façade, the ‘Princess Wedding Flower’ works well with even the simplest bottles.

Image Source: Knots Villa


#Romantic Roses

Image Source: Modern Wedding

Red, White, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Yellow, Orange, Peach, Coral

Roses are in abundance throughout the summer and using them in your wedding during this season is indeed a practical choice.

In addition to being cost-effective, this flower looks really great when placed in quaint bottles. Who can resist these beauties?



Late Spring to Early Summer

Mostly valued for its aromatherapy and healing properties, lavender is yet another stunner for wedding tables. Its long narrow stem and purple florets create a whimsical vibe that’s perfect for decorating your wedding!

Image Source: Beau Coup

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