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Passionate for the artform of adding beauty and style to some of life's most important moments. State of the art, with a focus on quality of execution while keeping people and emotions in the center.

The best way to plan a destination wedding in Greece. Trusted by happy couples from all around the world.

We relieve you of all the stress and all the donkey work, so you can focus on your favorite things.

Just tell us your love story, lay back and enjoy every moment!

Checklist and Timeline

Personalized to-dos checklist in project plan with shared calendar timelines


Cost Breakdown and Payments Tracking, optimized for your vision and your wallet.


Innovative Themes, Concept Design & Implementation


Ceremony & Reception venue research and selection


Vendors referral & on-going supervision

Guest management

Seating Arrangement, Accommodation & Transportation

On the big day & After

Day of event coordination
Event flow, Thank-You cards, Photo albums

Smart Events

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Our beautiful couples send their love from the 4 corners of the world

  • Maria B AvatarMaria B

    Maria and her team at Make Happy Memories did just that for us. Our wedding was something out of a magazine/ Pinterest because of the care and detail Maria put... read more

    Maria Herrera AvatarMaria Herrera

    There are angels in Greece and they have helped me plan my perfect wedding in Athens, Greece!Make Happy Memories is an amazing Wedding & Event Planning company, to be completely... read more

    jordan baker Avatarjordan baker

    I cannot recommend this group enough! My wedding was absolutely gorgeous. I have never been the type of person who had thought of their wedding since they were... read more

    Mata Kranakis AvatarMata Kranakis

    Maria and her team planned our wedding in Greece for 100 people without us ever having travelled there. It was perfect, she was super helpful and accommodating and she went... read more

    Nastassja Maharaj AvatarNastassja Maharaj

    When we decided to have our wedding in Greece, we did ample research to try and curate the best experience for our loved ones. Make Happy Memories was an... read more

    Stephanie Hanna AvatarStephanie Hanna

    Maria helped me and my husband plan our wedding in Greece! We were having a destination wedding and wanted it to be special. Maria was very attentive to our wants,... read more

  • Teun Visser AvatarTeun Visser

    Well, I don’t know where to start with Make Happy Memories! The more we get to know Maria and her team, the more we realizes that she didn’t just pick... read more

    Maria Abi Hanna AvatarMaria Abi Hanna

    Our experience with Maria was great! We loved how professional and responsive she was. She recommended excellent vendors and she had very nice taste with the flowers, lighting... read more

    Marelle Barbier AvatarMarelle Barbier

    Maria and her team have been an absolute joy to work with! Maria is kind and professional, and goes out of her way to make our special day perfect.When we... read more

    Holly Pearce AvatarHolly Pearce

    Maria & Katerina, could not recommend more highly, they really do go above & beyond. If you are looking to get married in the greek islands they know the best... read more

    Joelle Bassil AvatarJoelle Bassil

    Our experience with make happy memories is nothing short of a great one. Maria made us feel very reassured all through out the process although we were miles away. She... read more

    Elizabeth Pekmezi AvatarElizabeth Pekmezi

    Maria thank you for Organizing our wedding and helping us overcome the hurdle of a destination wedding. The top achievements were the recommendation made on the Decoration and Brides Dress.... read more

  • Constantin Langholz-Baikousis AvatarConstantin Langholz-Baikousis

    We were very amazed by the whole team at Makehappymemories. We can only highly recommend to plan your wedding with Makehappymemories if you want to have an amazing wedding in... read more

    Mandy Winters AvatarMandy Winters

    Oh my goodness, we received our wedding photos!!!!❤From the bottom of our hearts we would like to say the biggest THANK YOU to the Make Happy Memories team!Our Special day... read more

    Maria B AvatarMaria B

    Maria and her team at Make Happy Memories did just that for us. Our wedding was something out of a magazine/ Pinterest because of the care and detail Maria put... read more

    A Google User AvatarA Google User

    Our experience with Maria was great! We loved how professional and responsive she was. She recommended excellent vendors and she had very nice taste with the flowers, lighting... read more

    MOOV Fit & Physio Δήμητρα Τζούμα AvatarMOOV Fit & Physio Δήμητρα Τζούμα

    I am very pleased with the organization of a professional event from Maria. Professionalism and targeted ideas and ideas have simplified procedures without waste of time, achieving a perfect result.... read more

Do you take me as your trusted wedding planner in Greece ?

To design and manage for you the event of your dreams, so you only have to focus on living happily ever-after?

Wedding In Greece

Wedding in Greek islands

Wedding in Santorini

Wedding in olive grove

Wedding in Athens

Wedding in Paros

Wedding in Monemvasia

Wedding in Parga

Wedding in Mykonos

Getting married in Greece is a trend that will last

Greece is one of the top destinations for traveling and tourism worldwide; Magical sandy beaches, countless islands with picturesque chapels and architecture, olive gardens near the shore, breathtaking views, heart-warming sunlight, clear skies, rich history and culture that goes back to the birth of the civilization, beautiful sunsets and so much more.

Why we come ahead of our competition​

Best Wedding planning in Greece ​

The choice of the right wedding planner is the key to the success of your destination wedding in Greece. You can’t go wrong with “Make Happy Memories”. We are experienced, passionate with what we do, with a long list of success stories to give us drive and satisfaction. Our happily married couples will tell you that “Make Happy Memories” is one of the best 5-star wedding planner agencies in Greece.

Plenty of companies have cheap wedding packages in Greece all inclusive. They may be big, often with headquarters located in the customer’s home country and with efficient operations that process big numbers of couples in multiple locations around the world.
Regardless their popularity, it’s a simple fact: a young couple getting married in Greece will get many times better value with Make Happy Memories, a top wedding planner located in Greece.
Agencies that target multiple world-wide destinations have a factory and super-market consumer mentality. Couples get packaged into well defined “boxes”, shipped and processed efficiently, as fast as possible and as cheap as possible with the top priority being increasing volumes, making the bottom-line better and striking the highest return for investment. It’s more about the numbers and less about the individual.

Tailor Made Wedding concepts

Make Happy Memories can afford to focus on tailor-made designs.
We make it it our mission to treat each customer event as a new and unique creative art project.
Our words that come to mind: 

Tailor made happiness !!!

Wedding Planner

We are located in Greece, we have boots on the ground, we can visit the locations, talk to the vendors, we know the insides-outs of all the local rules and we know how to get things done.
Greece is not a distant production-line location, it is where we live and operate our business, we have no reason to stick to “one thing that works”, we are in a position to easily deal with any unexpected problems and therefore we have made our mission to realize any dream our customers have as best as possible.

Wedding Budget without compromise

Wedding packages in Greece are good value for money, they are not unnecessarily expensive, one can get a gorgeous destination wedding for any given budget and with Make Happy Memories this is guaranteed. Even though our designs will be tailored to the individual, we are able to strike wholesale prices with the local vendors we have worked with frequently in the past, therefore, we can often achieve 20%-30% price cuts for products and services.
Our couples get top quality, unique and highly customized results with a very reasonable budget, which is something very few (if any) of our competitors would be able to claim. In other words, “You can have your (wedding) cake and eat it too”

Our technological advantage is another aspect where we are leading. We are operating on the cutting edge of the tech-revolution that’s constantly happening around us, we use the latest tools, we innovate with our proprietary software and designs and we constantly re-invent the way we work to make the experience with our customers as easy and pleasurable as possible.
We make our clients feel close to the project, like inspired creative directors who see their vision coming to life in-front of their eyes real-time, with the power to be involved as deeply as they want for the parts they choose.

Destination Weddings in Greece

Finally, when compared to other local Wedding Planners in Greece, one of our biggest advantages is that we specialize in Greece destination weddings and we deal almost exclusively with couples that choose us from abroad, so we have experience dealing with the many challenges that rise with travelers that come for the event and we provide many extra services targeted specifically for tourists.

We are taking care of all the details and removing all the stress that naturally comes when a couple makes the exciting decision to get married abroad.
Our promise is to give you the best value for your money, to deliver a wonderful and unforgettable experience for you and your guests, and to make sure you’ll get everything the “Weddings in Greece” experience has to give to the highest standards of quality.

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