Planning your wedding and other events doesn’t have to be stressful! We promise you an exciting and joyful experience!

Trust the design and execution of your important moments with our team, rest assured about the quality of the result and sleep like a baby.

Every customer is truly unique and our approach will differ to perfectly fit the individual, but there are some common patterns. Below is how a typical success-story would unfold.

 Let’s Get Started!

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The Checklist is First
We will work together to narrow down the list of things you want your event to include.
We will present you with a wide variety of options and tons of material to satisfy even the most exotic and alternative ideas.

The Time Dimension
The various elements will be turned into To-Dos, an overall master time-plan will be crafted with the personalized tasks and online collaborative tools will be introduced to track and communicate the progress amongst us (shared calendar/ even-timeline and Gantt diagrams).

The Budget Frame
An outline of what we want is there, so now it’s time to understand the constraints, the trade-offs and tweak the budget allocation in a way that maximizes the value of what matters most to our specific customer without any discounts to the quality of the result.
A realistic Budget will be created with detailed Cost Analysis, accompanied with pie-charts and other reports that make it easy to visualize the allocations. This delivery is also powered by user-friendly online tools that enable you to have direct access to the spreadsheets, and effortlessly track your payments and have peace of mind that everything is in-line.

Concept Theming
Once the analytical stuff is out of the way, it is Time for creativity!
We will place our focus into deeply understanding your individual style and tastes and use it to give to the event a unique flavor that will match with your personality.
We will work through our in-house visual quizzes and questionnaires to help us build your profile and use the insights to come up with theme propositions and design concepts that will make your event fabulous and unique!

A lot of options, but only one is really made for you.
We will help you research the candidates, schedule tours and book the venues and ceremony locations.
If you are abroad or you find you’re unable to physically visit the places, we will arrange virtual tours via video calls/skype.
We will also be providing you with 3D views of Floor Plans (something that will be later a great aid with Seating Arrangements management)

One of the most critical aspects contributing to the success is the right choice of the service and product providers. A complex event as a high-quality wedding, needs input from multiple people, each delivering a part with its own challenges and variations.

The list is very long, but just to mention a few, it will typically include services and products for Photography, Videography, Catering, Menu Design, Bar Services, Wedding cake, Refreshment stand, Candy bar, Florist, Decorations, Wish Table, Invitations -Printable details – Calligraphy, Gifts – Favors – Welcome bags, Sound – Light coverage, Special effects (fireworks etc), Djs, Live Bands, Orchestras, Classical quarters, Furniture & Rentals, Special requests (installations, printing services, photobooth etc), Attire, Beauty Services, Parking and so on …

If any of the building blocks fails, the event could end up being remembered as a disaster. On the other hand, if the best people are given a set of clear requirements, get coordinated, get motivated to work with an emphasis on teamwork and achieve timely delivery of what was agreed, the results can be magical!!!
This is exactly where we come in, we make sure all the moving parts work together in harmony and within the timelines. We will do referrals and help you choose amongs the best vendors that are closest to your style, we will help you achieve competitive quotes and stay within the budget we defined earlier together and we will be applying on-going supervision and project-management.

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Guests Management
We think of your guests as our customers as well and their perception is our highest priority for us.
There are many tasks involved around the guests we will be handling for you like RSVP follow-up locally and abroad (guest-lists management, invitations, confirmations tracking), seating arrangements etc.
For destination weddings, we will make sure your travelers will experience the famous Greek warmth and hospitality. We will be assisting with all things related, like selecting and booking Hotel accommodations and transportation and we will be informing them about the local attractions and helping them with planning of their side activities and generally covering any of their needs.
A dedicated website will be created for your guests to help them find relevant information and get more involved with sharing, like sending wishes, photo-material and more.

On the Big Day
We will be there, every step of the way. Our experts will be on the spot, taking care of everything so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.
We will be in charge of the Production and the Event-Flow, our experienced coordinator team will be the invisible power operating in the background, during the ceremony, the reception and the party, making sure that everything stays on track and that we recover immediately in the occasion that something unexpected happens.
In a nutshell, you make sure you enjoy your day and you leave everything else to us.

After-Day Services
A successful party in Greece will typically continue till dawn and after the celebration, the only thing we want you to think about is how to best enjoy your honeymoon.
We will take care of all the after-the-day work for you like thank you cards, photo-albums etc…

Technology Advantage
Throughout the whole process, we will be making use of the latest innovations in the sector to make the process as easy and efficient as possible. We will be using Inspiration Gallery Boards to share our ideas and communicate with visual material, we’ll be using time-planning tools with shared calendar, gantt-diagrams and other capabilities for project-management, budgeting software to track the accounting and the payments and visual questionnaires to help us outline your personality profile and match the theme and style. We will share 3D views of the floor plan and seating arrangements and we will create a dedicated website for your event you can use to tell your story, and a space where your guests can share their photos and messages…
Also, we can’t reveal details, but we have some unique things in the works that will take the experience to another level (to become available early in 2018)
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