The Most Beautiful Wedding Invitation Trends For 2021

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25+ Wedding Invitations Ideas to blow your mind!

When it comes to wedding invitations there’s a phenomenal amount of choice and often choosing your wedding invitation style can be a much harder decision than you might have thought.

If you’ve decided to work with a wedding planner, whether you’re having a barn wedding, beachside wedding or a destination wedding on a picturesque island in Greece, they can help you decide on an invitation style that captures the essence of the wedding you want to have.

Essentially, the style of your invitations sets the tone for the entire event – from save the date cards, to escort cards, invitation suites, your wedding ceremony program and even table place names and menus. Usually the invitation style you chose will become the template for your other important wedding materials too. A consistent look to your stationary certainly helps add a more consistent and luxurious feel to the celebrations.

It’s much more than simply picking a font and a pretty picture. Your invitations can make your guests feel special and give them a hint about what kind of style or theme you’ll be having on the big day.

There’s a lot of choice and wedding invitation trends are fresher than ever. From watercolour to typography to foiled designs, take a look through our round up of the most unique wedding invitation trends. If you like it and find it valuable, please show us a bit of love by clicking the social buttons: [mhm-social][/mhm-social]
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1. Watercolour

Artist Approved

Artistic, graceful and elegant, watercolour invitation designs are a great way to introduce a colour scheme without resorting to a floral border or motif. Choose from abstract watercolour paint splashes or why not commission a watercolour of the location you’ll be getting married in?

2. Landscape

Destination Love

A picture can paint a thousand words, so it’s no wonder landscape invitations are set to be huge in 2021. From skylines that have a personal meaning to bespoke landscapes relating to the wedding venue, these kind of invitations work particularly well if you’re having a destination wedding.

3. Monograms

Mad For Monograms

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had monogrammed wallpaper and they definitely were onto a good thing. Monograms are a wonderful way of adding a personal touch, while keeping your invitations simplistic and classy.

4. Crests

Crest Appeal

Go one step further than a monogram and get a crest made up that symbolizes both your personalities and your love story.

5. Geometric

Angular Action

Geometric invitations might sound unromantic but actually there’s a rise in popularity for all things angular.  Whether you go for striking borders or invites that are hexagonal or some other many-cornered shape, a geometric patterned invite is a great choice for a modern wedding.

6. Minimalistic

Less To Impress

Fuss free invitations are having something of a moment in 2021. The minimalism trend has finally made its way to wedding invitations. Keep the essential information and ditch the embellishment. Our tip? Choose high quality paper to make the right impression.

7. Calligraphy

Love Letters

Calligraphy was made for wedding invitations and swirling typography and hand-written calligraphy continues to be a hugely popular choice for wedding invitations. It often looks most effective when names or dates are given a flourish of calligraphy rather than using swirly letters for the entire invite.

8. Handwriting

Words That Woo

For 2021 you’ll see a return to handwritten wedding invitations. It’s a lovely way to add a personal touch. Your handwriting can be incorporated into your invitation design and can be copied and printed onto luxury card, combining other invitation trends as well. One nice way to embrace the handwriting trend is for both the bride and groom to contribute their handwriting, perhaps writing each other’s names.

9. Maps

Mapped Out

Destination weddings can make more of their unique location by using a map design as part of the invitation. This approach is really effective. Choose from ordnance survey style maps or hand illustrated ones that can add a personal touch.

10. Celestial

Reach For The Stars

Invites with a cosmic touch are ever more popular. From special constellations to moons and stars picked out in foil, the universe is your oyster when it comes to invitations with a celestial mood.

11. Marble

A Touch Of Luxe

There are some gorgeous marble style invitations available for customisation. Luxurious, elegant and chic, choose marble style wedding invitations for a classic wedding with a hint of extravagance.

12. Tiled

Rustic Chic

If you thought tiles were simply something for the kitchen or bathroom, then think again. Huge in Portugal, tile inspired wedding invitations are a unique way to add some rustic charm to your wedding invitations.

13. Dark and Moody

Embrace The Dark Side

Romance can have a mysterious side, so why not go for a darker colour scheme? There’s a rise in demand for darker palettes, with typography picked out in silver or gold foil. The result is striking and sophisticated.

14. Envelope liners

Secret Surprise

If you prefer to keep your invitations simple, one effective way of adding some glamour and interest is to include beautifully designed envelope liners so your guests have a hint of your theme without giving everything away. Pick from illustrations or floral scenes to watercolour designs.

 15. Coloured Inks

Colour Play

It may sound simple, but using coloured inks on a plain background can be a very effective way to make your invitations stand out. Choose from white gloss ink on coloured card or a matt textured ink in a contrasting colour to make your words really pop!

16. Botanical

Fabulous Florals

There’s so much more choice than mere florals in 2021. For a flower themed invitation you can now pick from botanical drawings to cactus prints and palms or pressed flowers. You can even have invitations made on seeded paper that can be planted to grow flowers for bees!

17. Online invitations

Click Factor

There’s a growing preference for online invitations or at least having an online version to accompany your printed invites. The great thing about online invites is that you can keep track of RSVPS digitally. If you’re using a wedding planner they should be able to recommend the best sites or programmes to use for digital invites or can even link them to your wedding website.

18. Gilded

A Midas Moment

Foiled invitations aren’t going anywhere and are the easiest way to add some wow factor to your invitations. From Midas borders to silver foiled lettering to dots and designs picked out in rose gold, there’s no limit on your invitation shine factor.

19. Ombre

Ombre Impact

Ombre invitations are a great way to showcase your colour scheme in a refined way. Ombre looks particularly good on watercolour invitations, so you can combine two trends in one.

20. Hand tied glamour

All Tied Up

From velvet or silk ribbons to natural twine, hand tying your invitations is guaranteed to make a very smart impression. It’s a great opportunity to make a hint to ‘tying the knot’ and Pinterest has tons of creative inspiration for hand finished invites with impact.

21. Wax Seal

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Add a traditional touch to your invitations by sealing them with wax. There are so many lovely ways you can do this – from personal monogrammed stamps to a floral motif, invitations sealed in this way always look particularly distinguished.

22. Transparent

Crystal Clear

Paper is so last year  – plexiglass what the cool kids are using to send their wedding invitations. Modern, minimalist and sure to get people excited about what to expect at your wedding, losing the paper offers a dynamic new approach.

23. Surface Style

Blind Embossing

Blind embossing involves leaving a textured impression on the paper. The results are attention grabbing. From pillowed borders to the echo of rose petal confetti to bold embossed typography, there are so many original ideas to explore with this trend.

24. Lasercut

Cutting Edge

Whether you want a lace design, snowflakes, flowers or treetops, using a lasercut design for your wedding invitations is very on trend right now.

25. Paperless invitations

Free Form

One sure way to set your invitations apart is to print on something other than typical card or paper. Chose from non-traditional materials like wood or plastic or use an unusual sort of paper, like transparent paper set against a thicker more luxurious paper style. There are lots of unique alternative ways to invite your guests to your wedding.

26. Shape Shift

Your invitations don’t have to be square or rectangular, they can be any shape you like! Thinking outside the traditional format of wedding invitations is going to be a huge trend for 2021. From circular to triangular to heart shaped, the options are limitless.

27. Creative packaging

Gorgeously Gift Wrapped

Get away from the envelope tradition and try something new. From wrapping your invitations up as mini parcels or gifts, to sending magnetic invites, or even message-in-a-bottle invites, think 3D and you may just surprise yourself (and your guests too!)..

If you’re having a destination wedding or a wedding that binds different cultures why not look to the past for inspiration? A tradition hailing from the Greek island of Lesvos involves sending special favours with invitations, presented in a beautiful package. Extra details like these can make all the difference – if you have a beautiful package, even the addition of some hand tied string can elevate it to look even more appealing

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