45+ Saccharine Creations to Enchant Your Guests

A wedding is truly not complete without its cake. Be it a simple creation or an extravagant work of art, this dreamy dessert is always one of the highlights of the reception. Aside from being an integral part of the wedding tradition — with the cake cutting still a must-do activity for the newlyweds – the cake also has a decorative purpose, something you proudly display and something guests look forward to seeing (and tasting!) during the whole affair.

Cakes come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. Sky’s the limit when it comes to how you want to style your cake. There are some considerations though when it comes to designing your dream cake and one of these is the size. As you’d want to share a piece of this delicious dessert to your guests, you might as well know how to size of your cake depending on the number of your guests. Below is a helpful chart which you can use as guide.

You can use two portion sizes for your wedding cake, 2.54 cm x 5 cm slice or 5 cm x 5 cm slice, both are filling and generous sizes for an after-meal dessert. The number of servings will be dependent on the shape of your cake, too. For example, a 20” round cake can serve 24 pieces of 2.54 cm x 5 cm portions while a square cake can serve up to 32 pieces. Serving will increase as the size of the cake increases. If you want to serve more, you may opt to do finger slices, smaller ones in 2.54 cm x 2.54 cm, perfect pairing for coffee and tea.

If you’re having an intimate event with only a few people, you can opt for a round, rectangular, or square single tier cake. A 40 cm round cake can give you at least 50 servings of 5 cm x 5 cm slices while a 35.5 cm square cake can serve at least 49 slices. Lastly, a rectangular sheet cake of 40 cm x 60 cm will have about 96 servings of 5 cm x 5 cm slices.

Once you have figured out the size of your cake, other details you should also finalize include the type of cake – chiffon, sponge, fruit cake, chocolate, cheese cake – flavor everyone will enjoy. And of course, the décor and aesthetics to use – fresh fruits, frosting, sugar flowers, ribbons, gems, shimmer, and even hand painting. Lastly, and the cherry on top, the cake topper which can be a sweet photo of the couple, figurines or bride and groom, or your initials in candy or chocolate.

We have gathered down below a number wedding cake styles and designs where you can draw inspiration from. Choose from different concepts that will fit your theme, from simple and romantic down to utterly fancy and unique.

Traditional Treasures

You can never go wrong with classic and old school charm, especially when it comes to wedding cakes. These traditional treasures are popular for a reason: they are beautiful and chic, plus, they never go out of style and fit just about any wedding theme.

1. Classic Chic


Vibrant colors, flawless details, and elegant embellishment are all you need to create a festive cake like this one. The blue and white complement the gold, pink, and orange accents – perfect just how a big day cake should look like.

2. Flawless Piece


A cake should be colorful and pretty – both aced by this piece of peach and green gem. Simple yet stunning, the whole set is completed by miniature pies and lush florals. Lovely!

3. Pretty Fondant


Give your classic white cake a stylish twist by using getting creative with the fondant. Create a stunning illusion of paper or fabric to give your dessert a beautiful texture and structure.

4. Fresh and Floral


Your wedding cake doesn’t need to be extravagant and elaborate. Even the simplest one, given the right accent, can become a stunning creation, like this buttercream cake decorated by fresh flowers and a simple twine.

5. Carved Charm


Texture elevates even the simplest of cakes, like this piece featuring a carving technique usually used in pottery. The sprig of wildflower highlights the accent of vertical lines even more

6. Bows and Berries


Escape the typical and turn your traditional into a treat for the eyes with lovely accents like fondant ribbons (in cool colors!) and sugar leaves and berries.  Add soft fabric to the display for a dreamy effect.

7. Ribbon Romance


Your white tiered cake will be wonderful once you add details like fabric ribbons and fresh flowers. To keep the visuals simple, choose neutral colors for your accents like creams and browns.

8. Summer Sensation


Add a shock of colors to your traditional white cake by using blooms and fruits. Use complementing hues of reds, oranges, and peach, plus greenery to complete the look. Perfect for summer celebrations and unions.

Romantic Revels

A romantic affair deserves a delightful display. These cake creations have a charming and picturesque quality to them, be it the design, the shape, or the accent. If you want to make your dream dessert a reality, this is the route to go.

9. Power of Flowers


This cake looks like it came straight out of a fairytale! Fresh flowers and vines and ruffle-style frosting make this cake dreamy and delicious.

10. Dainty Dessert


Nothing more romantic than a cake that looks like it came out from a museum. This stunning piece features textured frosting and dreamy accent of bare vines and nude-colored florals.

11. Peony Perfection


Peonies are wedding favorites because of their beauty and elegance. And to make your wedding cake dreamier and more romantic, you can incorporate this floral to the design. Finish it off with a nice big single flower as topper.

12. Lovely Lace


Fondant is always a good idea especially when you want to add style and texture to your cake. You can shape it into beautiful lace-like cutouts to make your dessert more delightful.

13. Fresh and Fashionable


Aside from fancy textures, another way to make your cake look charming is adding fresh elements like greens and florals. The plants and the plain color of the cake create such a pretty contrast.

14. Garden Glamour


Add some glamour to your outdoor affair with a sophisticated fine art cake, soft-colored in peach with a delicate gold band at the bottom and topped by fresh florals.

Fancy and Fab

It’s go big or go home when it comes to wedding. That’s also true when it comes to the cake. If you’re having a fabulous affair, then your cake should also be fancy and luxurious. Generous in embellishment and ornaments, a fancy cake is always the eye candy of any event.

15. Golden and Gilded


Nothing screams opulence more than a nicely executed green and gilded cake. With this kind of dessert, you may use edible and inedible metallic elements and decorating material. This sparkling creation will surely take your guests’ breath away.

16. Symbolic Love


One thing to make your luxe cake to standout? Incorporate a personal touch by adding your couple symbol or emblem in gold. Finish the whole look with a cascade of florals and you’re all set.

17. Hidden Gem


This crystal cake creation is a seaside affair’s dream cake! This geode-inspired dessert has a side carved out and filled with sugar rocks imitating actual crystals. Painted in marbled coastal colors, it has all the factors you’ll ever need to wow your guests.

18. Azulejo Art


Sweep your guests to another part of the world without leaving the reception with this Portuguese-inspired cake decorated with the country’s traditional glazed tile art and delicious sugar flowers, complemented by tinier gilded cakes and even smaller pastries.

19. Sweet Message


Nothing sweeter than a shout out to your beloved and it’s better when it’s written – on the cake! This divine dessert features elegant calligraphy and fresh decors – adding an amazingly whimsical touch to a luxury affair.

20. Spring Fling


Spring celebration? This cake should fit just right in! An ode to blooms and the most colorful season of the year, it features hand painted details and actual fresh flowers. The soft palette of blue and pink add a dreamy and delightful touch.

21. Inspired by Architecture


This cake mixes the modern and classic elements to create a luxurious work of art. The bottom part features baroque-inspired fondant masterpiece while the upper tier is a solid metallic marvel softened by bold sugar flower. What a marvel

Mix of Moderns

Everything’s getting a new spin these days, including wedding cakes! These contemporary masterpieces are sleek, stylish, and utterly chic – perfect for a modern affair. Geometric shapes, crazy patterns, and quirky adornments are definite must-haves for this set.

22. Gorgeous Geometry


This industrial chic work is outstanding for its out of the box execution. Modern elements like glass and metal were used to hold the white upper tiers in beautiful contrast with the neutral marble color of the base cake. An unexpectedly unforgettable treat for all your guests.

23. Naturally New


This modern greenery cake adds greens, glass, and brass to create a wonderful work of art. The terrarium that holds the upper tier features real succulents and flowers for a refreshing touch. The cakes are painted in unconventional colors of black, grey, and copper for that industrial chic finish.

24. Modern Marble


Marble-inspired wedding elements are everywhere these days – from name cards and menus, even down to the cake! This minimalist and modern handiwork is simple yet stunning, with only select part of the cake hand-painted beautifully, placed perfectly in contrast with the clean white rest of the cake.

25. Party of Three


Tired of tiers? Separate your cake in three gorgeous pieces! Use geometric glass and brass stands for added modern twist. Get creative and tell a story through your sweets by decorating each differently. Add various accents like twigs, flowers, and gold flecks for topnotch texture.

26. Fine Art


This cake deserves to be in a museum! Sleek and metallic geometric shapes, golden accents, and lush florals make it a modern masterpiece.

27. Steel Style


This cake proves that frames and flowers go well together. The steel boxes add a modern flair and the white florals soften the overall look. Truly something worth displaying. What a beauty!

Color Crush

Most wedding themes follow a certain color and motif and that means the cake will also follow suit. These funky eye candies are bold, colorful, and definitely beautiful!

28. Awesome Ombre


An honorary classic, ombre cakes are popular because they are pleasing to the eyes and completely romantic. Elevate it by mixing it with metallic colors like gold bands and airbrushed leaves and florals for a vibrant variation.

29. Fancy Fiesta


Take inspiration from colorful celebrations of different parts of the world for your wedding cake like this Cinco de Mayo charmer! Hand-painted terracotta figures in oranges and reds, vibrant blooms, fruits, and cacti complete this cake’s fiesta of flavor and colors.

30. Mediterranean Marriage


Sprinkle some Mediterranean magic to your wedding by having a Greece-inspired wedding cake. The textured patterns and the iconic blues and whites will remind you of the country’s architectural wonders and traditional villages, as well as the romantic Greek light and the clear waters of the Aegean.

31. Fruity Pick


Yes, you can imitate stained glass through fruits like this innovative cake. Candied dried pears make great decors, colored based on your preference, be it rainbow, ombre, or monochromatic. Another perk? They’re totally edible!

32. Tuscan Sun


Bring radiance to your reception via a big, bold, and yellow cake reminiscent of the stunning Tuscan sun. Elevate the cake with candied fruits and lush florals to complete your Italian-inspired affair.

33. Burst of Blooms  


What better way to bring color to your cake than with actual flowers? These fresh decors doesn’t just add hues to your creation but texture and hint of fragrance, too!

Artistic Gathering

Unleash your creative side with a cake design fit for a gallery. These creations are delicate, dreamy, and definitely display-worthy. Colors, textures, and tones are woven together to create an eye-catching and sweet stunner.

34. Fab Fringe


Here’s a fun way to decorate your cake: fringe icing! Throw in various colors and decorate the whole cake with these quirky details. Pompom-perfection great for laidback and exciting affairs!

35. Perfect Palette


Here’s a creation straight from an artist’s studio! The cake serves as canvas for a beautiful texture painting of flowers – simply amazing and a true work of art.

36. Blooms and Brushstrokes


Who would have thought that this is a cake and not a framed piece of painting? The surface effectively imitates brushstrokes through superb frosting techniques. The gold edible beads and metallic coloring add sparkle and style to the finished product.

37. Hip and Hand-painted


Instead of using flowers why not hand-paint it to your cake like this stunning tiered treat? White cakes make a great canvas for this kind of art, ideal for outdoor events and summer celebrations.

38. Art Deco Details


Aside from colors, you can also get creative with your cake’s frosting, like this art deco-inspired fondant décor, reminiscent of stunning structures and outstanding architecture of the bygone era. The sugar flower topper infuses romance and softness to the rather straightforward creation.

Magical and Minimal

Just because it’s a minimalist affair doesn’t mean you don’t get to indulge in beautiful cake creations. These clean, plain, and pretty cakes perfectly go hand in hand with a simple and understated event.

39. Lowkey Luxury


You truly don’t need a lot to make a statement. A plain white cake with sugar confection greenery topper is enough to do the trick.

Via Jen Huang

40. Bare Beauty


Another honorary classic, naked cakes are a simple and stylish choice if you’re going for the minimalist route. Top with fruits, fresh florals, or sugar décors and you’re ready to go.

41. Delicate Design


Nicely-done frosting, fresh flowers, and three simple tiers are enough to make this cake the center of attention in your wedding. This refreshingly bare cake is flawless and no-fuss.

42. Simple Soul


Here’s minimalism at its finest – two-tiered simple fondant cake with a cascading vine for detail. Something to match the simple soul of your celebration.

43. White Wonder


Textured white cake reminiscent of Greek columns highlighted only with sprigs of fresh violets – how can you go wrong with that?

44. Angelic Creation


This cake looks heaven-sent with simple and monochromatic feather-shaped fondant used to cover the whole piece. A divine dessert, for sure.

Unique Encounter

Your wedding, your rules. Explore inimitable executions for your cake and make it uniquely your own. Surprise your guests with bold decors, loud colors, and crazy presentation for your dream dessert.

45. Chandelier Chic


Upside down cake? Yes, you can! This chandelier-inspired dessert will surely turn heads in your reception. Talk about defying gravity! This cake will come with a stand so don’t forget to add some decors for a cohesive look.

46. Saccharine Swing


Looking for a fresh presentation for your cake? Why not use a swing for a change? This increasingly popular trend is a sure way to make a statement on your big day.

47. Mix and Match


Two styles in one cake? Why not! Hit two birds with one stone with this kind of execution. This is perfect for those who can’t decide which route to go. Play and have fun with the tiers and mix and match the colors, decors, and even flavors.

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