83 Adorable Wedding Signs

Weddings will never be complete without striking and eye-catching signages located by the entrance, cocktail bars, buffet, photo booth, guestbook area, giveaway area, and other happy corners of your wedding reception. There are absolutely a variety of materials to choose from to create fine-looking signs –– from wood, cardboard, fabric, metal, acrylic, light bulbs, marble, wine cork and a lot more!

Since we want your big day to be smooth sailing as much as possible, we have listed 80+ adorable wedding signboard ideas that you might want to place at the different  areas of your wedding ceremony and reception.


1. Neat and Minimal


You will never go wrong with anything neat and minimal. Classic colors like black and white will never go out of style!

2. Classic and Modern


Want something fancy and pretty for your wedding reception entrance? Go ahead and match a navy blue signboard with metallic gold writings!

3. Dangling Acrylics


Acrylic is a commonly used material for signposts because it is easy to use and experiment with. If you’re having a bohemian or rustic themed wedding, we suggest hanging an acrylic board filled with all of your guest’s table assignments on a sturdy stand. Lovely!

4. Store ’em Greens


Go for something unique and elegant by storing greens and a bit of dainty blooms inside a long glass. To make it standout, keep in mind that you should make all texts in bold, you don’t want your guests to get lost right!

5. A Boho Entry


Divine and stylish signboards like this are perfect for bohemian inspired weddings. Enliven the look of your signboard even more by surrounding angelic looking pampas grasses around it!

6. Lights Will Guide You Home


Romantic neon signs are lovely and enchanting to look at. Your guests will absolutely love to follow signs like this one!

7. Seamless Cloths


Aiming for something plain and simple? Welcome your guests with an adorable signage made out of seamless fabric that can be easily displayed! P.S. Use of cutesy and readable typeface is a plus!

8. Sweet Nothings


Hang sweet nothings around by the entrance to make things more romantic. A signage as simple as this is astonishing to look at especially when adorned with winsome garlands!

9. A Warm Welcome


Greet your guests with a warm welcome by placing an adorable welcome sign adorned with pretty florals around! Signs like this are easy on the eye and can easily be built.

10. Golden and Blooming


Chic and fancy signboards made out of gold hues and blooming florals are nice to have especially for industrial themed weddings. Keep in mind that the key here is to not go all out on the flowers –– you don’t want to overdo it!

11. Rustic Emblems


Garden weddings are made more special when you make use of a rustic signboard to welcome your lovely attendees. Play with different adorable typefaces and a few lines and you’re good to go!

12. Welcome to Paradise


A wedding by the beach will not be complete without a signage to inform your guests where the place to be is. Wooden signs adorned with a few fresh greens indicating you and your lover’s name is absolutely nice to have.

13. Fancy and Golden


Impress your guests with a grand looking welcome sign like this. It is perfect for weddings done in a magical castle or blooming garden!

14. Simple and Uncluttered


Simple and uncluttered welcome signs are timeless. Complete the look of your entry area by placing you and your significant other’s names on a clean fabric. To jazz it up, you may opt to add a few greens around it!

Ceremony Carry Signs

15. The Big Entrance


Make a remarkable entrance by letting your entourage carry an adorable sign to notify everyone that you’re about to walk down the aisle of your dreams. Wooden slats with precious writings are used by many.

16. Elegant Streamers


Adorable banners for your lovely entourage are also nice to have. Place them on long wooden sticks and decorate them with various ribbons in dainty hues that will match your wedding’s color scheme.

17. Adorable and Pleasing


If you’re wishing for a neat and simple carry sign, you may want to go for a wooden slab. Jot down a cute catchphrase and tie a comely ribbon above so the little ones can easily carry it.

18. Charming Flags


Neat and well-designed flags can also be used as carry signs. Instead of engraving your wedding catchphrase on one material only, divide them into pieces by making use of embellished flags.

19. Winsome Wooden Slats


Wooden slabs are commonly used for carry signs. Spice it up with lush greens, fresh blooms, and a few nice-looking ribbons.

20. Eye-catching Banners


Another banner idea: use of satin-like or silky fabrics. They’re pleasing to the eye and lovely to look at!

21. Enchanting Rides


Make a statement by making your beautiful flower girls ride mini carts while a winsome carry sign is attached at the back of the cart. Totally unique and adorable!

22. Petal Pails


To make things simple and breezy, make your flower girls’ bucket of petals a carry sign as well. Just jot down a simple yet catchy wedding tagline and you’ll be good to go!

23. Hello There Little One 


Let your guests remember your posh entourage by making your tiny pooches signal everyone that you’re about to walk the aisle of your dreams. Absolutely cute and charming!

24. Who Let The Dogs Out


If you prefer to let the big boys to declare your most awaited entrance, you simply can by tying tiny chalkboards on their neck.

Cocktail Bar

25. All-in-one


Make it easy-breezy for your family and friends to know what delightful beverages you’re serving by placing a list on a wooden frame. It’s simple and absolutely easy to understand!

26. Chic Metallic Stands


Placing mini cocktail menus around your wedding reception tables is also another option to make things more convenient for your guests. Go for something elegant by printing out fancy menu cards placed on solid metal stands.

27. No Pun Intended


Make things more fun by adding fun catchphrases on your cocktail menu. It’s absolutely engaging and Instagram-worthy!

28. That Glow Tho


Quirky neon lights will probably never go out of style. Spice up the look of your cocktail lounge by placing one beside your luscious and sweet drinks!

29. Made Just For You


Make things more personalized by affixing you and your lover’s names on your cocktail area’s wall. Striking names made out of neon lights will totally stand out from the crowd!

30. Make a Statement


Aiming for something fun and playful as this is just easy. Just place amusing slogans on a chalkboard and set it up by the bar to make your attendees laugh.

31. Catchphrase of the Day


Dangle a striking catchphrase by the bar to make things more snazzy and quirky. Your guests will surely adore adornments like this!

32. Glimmer and Glow


A night full of dancing and partying will not be complete without alcohol. Jazz up the overall appearance of your bar by displaying gleaming signs made out of polished wood and glistening light bulbs!

33. Decorative Corks


Be extra creative by putting to use wine corks to assemble a unique signage for your wedding bar. Totally perfect for outdoor weddings!

34. Go for Linen


Linen are also normally used to create posh and elegant looking wedding signs. Print out your flavorful cocktails list on linen and place it by the bar for your attendees to freely browse through.

35. Organic and Wooden


Varnished wood and fresh greens are always a good match. Put them to good use by printing out your bar menu on wood and beautify it by surrounding it with a few leafy greens and lovely candles.

36. Fancy and Marbled


Fashion your cocktail lounge to be extra stylish and chic by using marble slabs with cute written sayings. Totes adorable!


37. Its A Taco Party


Throwing a Mexican themed after party? Use catchy puns to direct your guests where the place to be is!

38. Pleasing and Enticing 


Opt for something luxe and trendy by using glass as the main material of your menu. Frame it with something modish and golden to attract attention!

39. Amusing Wooden Menus


Food menus written on wooden chopping boards are dainty and beguiling. You can even play with different shapes and sizes to make things more exciting!

40. Inviting Wooden Stands


If you desire to go for a food menu that is neat and straightforward, consider placing all your appetizing meals on a sturdy wooden slab like this one. Print out a few lines and shapes around it to give your wooden menu more life!

41. Creamy White Fabrics


Use of seamless fabrics for your wedding menu is stylish and trendy. There are a number of creative ways to make use of fabric –– one could be dangling it on a metal stand and adorning it with charming vines and garlands.

42. Fancy Waffle Area


Make your dreamy waffle bar known to your wedding attendees by placing a dainty calligraphy sign near the waffle stand. It will surely make your guests excited to eat!

43. Snazzy Doughnut Wall


Snazzy doughnut walls are trendy and funky. To achieve this, attach colorful or color-coordinated doughnuts in different luscious flavors on a clean polished board for your guests to devour!

44. S’mores Galore


Contemplating about having a cutesy s’more’s station? Don’t forget to inform your guests that they can absolutely devour on mouthwatering s’mores by placing a little board within your adorable sweet treats corner!

45. Delightful Sayings


Entice your guests to not miss out on all the flavorful desserts they can devour by putting up a banner containing a sweet and delightful sayings. How charming and cute!

46. Now Brewing


Fascinating coffee bars are excellent for daytime weddings! Let your guests know they can get their caffeine fix by affixing a eye-catching and pleasing signage like this one.

47. Wreathed and Flowered


Going for something dainty and dapper can be made possible with metal spheres adorned with lush greens and pretty flowers. Attach a sweet and delicate word made out of wood or metal in the middle to make it look extra pleasing!

48. Sweet Treats


Treat your family and friends with sweet confections by placing a booth dedicated for all things sweet in your wedding reception. Make it known to your guests by placing an enchanting “sweets” signage made out of glowing light bulbs!

Photo Booth

49. Romantic Tag lines


Romantic tag lines for your photo booth are endearing and sweet. What better way to achieve something like this by making use of fascinating neon signs!

50. Quirky Photo Corner


A quirky photo booth is always great to have. Set your sights on a vintage looking photo corner like this to capture moments!

51. Charming Frames


For garden themed weddings, you can always go for wooden photo booth signs. They’re picturesque and pleasing to the eye!

52. Tiny and Cutesy Slabs


Plain and simple wedding signage are fine and dandy. Print out your photo booth instructions on a tiny acrylic slab and store each one of them on a smooth wooden platform.

53. Striking Balloons


Aim for a pretty and pleasing photo booth by making use of letter balloons in metallic colors. You can hang them on a plain wall to make your photo booth area more noticeable!  

54. Snap that Pose


Utilize a chalk board and your pretty penmanship to create a whimsical photo booth sign. Striking sayings are a plus!

55. White and Wooden


Wooden and neat photo booth signs will probably never be outdated. They’re simple yet refined!


56. Something About Glass


For chilly weddings, keep your guests warm by offering them plush blankets they can use all throughout your wedding. What better way to offer them one by placing a fine-looking mirror sign by the entrance.

57. Fun Under the Sun


If you’re having your wedding ceremony under the sun, give your guests mini parasols to protect them from the harmful rays of Mr. Sun. Inform them by placing a lovely acrylic sign at the entryway.

58. Blossoming Love


Remind your guests that flourishing love is timeless and enduring by giving them seeds stored in tiny winsome pouches. Dangle them on a board and place a delightful saying above to make things more interesting.

59. Sweet Notes on Fabric


Sweet notes on fabric are totally adorable. Let your guests know what your giveaway symbolizes by scribbling them down on smooth fabric.

60. Your Favorite Lines


For music enthusiasts, this might just be ideal. Go for an exceptional signboard for your giveaway area by putting up your favorite love song’s lyrics on a large painted piece of wood.

61. Playlist of Love


Playlists used as giveaways are absolutely adorable. Showcase them by storing them in winsome wooden storage boxes. Don’t forget to attach a small thank you note in front!

Guest Book

62. Leave A Mark


Let your guests show some love by making them sign your guest book. Aim for something simple by placing a ‘guest book’ sign on a piece of white cloth and attach it to a wooden stand afterwards.

63. Love Blocks


If wooden blocks are your cup of tea, then you might be interested to use them for your big day’s guest book. Notify your family and friends to sign by attaching a striking sign made out of blackboard.

64. Adventures of a Lifetime


Start your married life right by letting your guests give you and your lover awesome bucket list ideas. Give them the word to do so by placing a recognizable signboard made out of wood by the entrance!

65. Capture on Film


Add a twist to your guest book by making your guests take their selfies using a handy polaroid camera. To keep things orderly, print out your guidelines on a small acrylic display.

66. For the Globetrotters


Travel bugs will surely love this kind of guest book setup. Use a handy globe model to signal your guests to sign up as witnesses of your greatest adventure.

67. All Framed Up


Enchanting and pleasing guest book signs are a must. Go for something flowery and simple by making use of a framed display board.

68. Sweet Remarks


Stray away from the usual by giving your favorite people the chance to write a note for you and your partner. Advise them that they can do so by placing a lovely note on top of your plush guest book.

69. A Kodak Moment


Mirrors and metallic golds are a perfect match. Impress everyone with a luxe guest book sign like this one!

70. For the Love of Copper


Copper-colored accessories are pleasing to the eye. If you’re yearning for a simple yet chic guest book setup, print out your notes on a clean sheet of paper and clip it on a charming copper clipboard.

Bride and Groom

71. Just Got Hitched


Claim your marriage loud and proud by affixing a “Just Married” banner on your wedding table. It’s perfectly cute and romantic!

72. Forever and Ever, Babe


Romantic quotes used as signs are dreamy and charming. Go for dangling neon lights if you want to go for something different.

73. Spherical Magic


Spheres are widely used in weddings. If you want to make you and your significant other’s seating area to be distinct and catchy, go for a spherical sign filled with lush greens.

74. Glistening Initials


Make things more personalized by including you and your partner’s initials in front of your wedding table. They’re Instagram-worthy and will surely wow your guests!

75. United in Wedlock


To make your wedding table stand out from the rest of the crowd, place a Mr. & Mrs. sign made out of metal or wood on top of your table and surround it with dainty flower petals.

76. You and Me, Always


Spread the romantic vibes during your big day by affixing a sweet and enchanting You + Me sign above your wedding table. It’s gorgeous and can help uplift the mood of the event!

Happy Corners

77. Petal Party


Make things more fun and exciting by letting your guests shower you and your spouse colorful confetti after your ceremony. Just place a tiny sign in front of your confetti baskets to inform your guests to get their own stash!

78. Blooming Send-off


Sweet and endearing words printed on tiny wrappers can also be used to notify your guests that they can totally sprinkle you with pretty petal flowers after your wedding rites!

79. Rice Toss


Rice toss is a common wedding ritual that symbolizes fertility, prosperity, and good fortune. If you want your lovely guests to perform the ritual, label your tiny rice bottles properly with polished paper / card strips and thin ribbons!

80. Let’s Get the Party Started


A wedding after-party will not be complete without good music and impeccable dance moves. Let your guests know that they can totally dance all night long by placing an enticing sign to change their heels to comfy slippers!

81. Dapper Cigar Bar


Posh cigar bars are unusual in weddings. Although if you plan to have one, let your visitors notice that you have an area all about cigars by including an eye-catching sign within the area.

Couple Send-off

82. Magical Sparks


Sparklers are always nice to have during wedding send-offs. Don’t miss out on placing a noticeable sign about the event like this one to make everyone join the fun!

83. Bubbly and In Love


Bubbles can also be used during wedding send-offs. Let your guests witness this awesome wedding affair by installing pretty signage made out of acrylic all over the place.

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