Here are The Best Flowers for Each Month of the Year

Weddings are visual feasts and when it comes to the most significant elements of your big day, flowers take the front seat. Though greenery is the latest trend in event decorations, no one can take away the wondrous possibilities of utilizing the classic and traditional wedding ornament. So, for this article, we are going to focus on the vibrant and colorful petals more than the viridescent leaves! 

With thousands of options to choose from, flowers have been bringing colors and life to any event! From the classic varieties like roses and peonies to eccentric ones like berries, proteas, pampas, and other tropical flowers, there’s surely a choice that will complete your dream motif.  

We totally understand that when it comes to bridal bouquets, you wouldn’t mind the cost and the seasonality as long as the final arrangement is unique! As for the concept decorations such as the table centerpiece, wedding arch, and aisle design, we highly recommend that elements such as seasonal availability and prices should be considered when selecting your wedding florals. When you choose flowers that are out of season, there’s a higher possibility of steeper costs due to its scarcity. You wouldn’t want to buy flowers that are double or triple the price during their rarity period, right?  

With professional suggestions from Maria Zembili, the talented florist of Manfler, we have created this blog to give you ideas about the best flowers for each month of the year! Depending on the month of your wedding, this article can be your guide in choosing the prospective dominant flowers of your decorative arrangements. Don’t forget to bookmark this page! 

January – Anemone 


Image Source: Tulipina Design
  • Famous Colors- Carmel White, Jerusalem Red, Galil Rood, Marianne Blue 
  • Symbolism- Anemone signifies anticipation for something in the future so take advantage of this symbolism to show the world how excited you are for living the married life! 
  • Flower Fun Fact – When she married Liam Hemsworth last 2019, Miley Cyrus chose a bouquet filled with white anemones. 

Mostly known for its dark-colored core, this belle is a perfect option for creating contrast in your floral arrangement!   With its mythological and historical roots, the terminology of ‘anemone’ came from the Greek word that means windflower.  

This fierce beauty likes the windy season, so it’s particularly bountiful (and cheaper) during January. 

February – Orchid 

# OrchidsOrKisses 

  • Famous Colors- Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, White, Yellow, Orange, Green 
  • Symbolism- Orchids have long been associated with love and fertility which brings a perfect symbolism to your big day! 

A top choice for chic elegance, the orchid has always been a favorite of the sophisticated bride.  

With 20,000 types of orchid species, you’ll surely find something that will fit your exact taste and preferences! 

Famous for its unique aesthetic and powdery scent, this delicate flower will surely be a stylish addition to your Feb-wed decoration.  

Image Source: Nouba

March – Gladiolus 


Image Source: Perfete
  • Famous Colors- Blue, Orange, Purple, Pink, Red, White, Yellow, Multicolor 
  • Symbolism- Also termed as sword lily, this flower represents strength, integrity, and infatuation. 
  • Flower Fun Fact- British and Mediterranean Gladiolus flowers were utilized to treat some physical illnesses. 

Renowned for its dreamy vibe and sword-like leaves, gladiolus is a lovely accent for whimsical weddings. 

Apparently, receiving a bouquet of gladiolus means that you have pierced the giver’s heart with deep passion.  

How’s that for a wedding metaphor? 

April – Hydrangea 


  • Famous Colors- Blue, Purple, Green, Pink, Red 
  • Symbolism- Hydrangeas represent heartfelt and genuine emotion 

The flower’s dazzling beauty and meaningful allegory make it a perfect décor for heartfelt moments of your life.  

With its abundance during the spring season, this blossom-filled flower is a terrific way to show your sincerest love during your April wedding! 

Image Source: Wedding Chicks

May – Peony 


Image Source: Tulipina Design
  • Famous Colors- Yellow, Red, Coral, White, Pink 
  • Symbolism- Considered as the ‘Princess Wedding Flower’, peonies are famous for being a symbol of honor and royalty. Their full and rounded blooms are viewed as a representation of prosperity, romance, great fortune, and joyful marriage. 

For a showstopper option (aside from the bride herself), a peony is indeed a gorgeous decoration highlight! 

With its glorious beauty and silky appeal, this flower will make a mesmerizing accent for bridal bouquets and table centerpieces. 

If you decided to do your wedding in May, including some cheerful peonies in your floral list is something you won’t regret! 

June – Lily of The Valley 


  • Famous Colors- White, Pink, Violet, Yellow, Green, Blue 
  • Symbolism- Lily of the Valley symbolizes good luck and happiness! 
  • Flower Fun Fact- During the biggest weddings of the last decade, Lily of Valleys were present in the bridal bouquets of the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine and the former Duchess of Sussex, Meghan. 

These bell-shaped wonders are usually adorning the lavish bouquets of queens and princesses around the world. The royalty favorite can be super expensive, but its serene beauty and feminine floral scent make Lily of the Valleys worth the investment! 

Image Source: The Knot

July – Rose 


Image Source: Brides
  • Famous Colors- Red, White, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Yellow, Orange, Peach, Coral 
  • Symbolism- Considered as a symbol of love and passion, rose is one of the top picks by romantic brides. 
  • Flower Fun Fact- On her 2011 wedding, Reese Witherspoon chose a monochromatic bouquet of ivory-colored roses. 

Due to its worldwide popularity, we’re sure that even your little and adorable ringbearer will recognize it! 

Roses are in bounty quantity during July and incorporating them in your wedding during this month is a practical choice.   

Who doesn’t like these timeless and charming flowers, anyway? 

August – Dahlia 


  • Famous Colors- White, Yellow, Golden, Pink, Light Pink, Deep Purple, Orange 
  • Symbolism- Dahlias often represent commitment and lasting bond between two people, which is what your wedding is about, right? 

Recognized for its bright colors and multi-layered petals, dahlias have a repute of adding vibrance and fullness to any flower arrangements. 

If you want to add some pop of colors and variety of texture to your wedding decorations, this joyful darling is an excellent option. 

Image Source: Tulipina Design

September – Symphoricarpos 


Image Source: Once Wed
  • Famous Colors- White, Pink, Coral, Light Pink 
  • Flower Fun Fact- Due to its foaming properties, Symphoricarpos were used as a natural shampoo by Native Americans.  

Commonly called as snowberry, this ornamental shrub is a unique décor addition for September weddings.  With its exotic appeal, Symphoricarpos works well for brides who want to achieve a rustic celebration! 

Its distinct white fruits and light green leaves will surely radiate an exquisite contrast when used in rustic venues such as cabins, barns, and old castles.  

October – Oak Leaf 


  • Famous Colors- Green, Orange, Red, Brown 
  • Symbolism- Oak leaves represent virtue, endurance, eternity, liberty, honor, hospitality, faith, and strength. 
  • Fun Fact- There are more than 600 species of oak trees and each can live up to 1000 years! 

Nothing screams autumn more than warm-colored oak leaves!  

Varying with colors of red, orange, and yellow, this beautiful plant turns to fierce and fiery colors during the fall season. 

If your wedding mood board primarily radiates an autumn aesthetic, you might want to incorporate oak leaves into your pool of decorations! 

Image Source: Once Wed

November – Amaryllis 


Image Source: Stefanie Lange
  • Famous Colors- Red, Yellow, White, Pink, Orange, Salmon, Dual Colored 
  • Symbolism- Often associated with the holiday season, amaryllis is a vibrant and mythological flower that is commonly gifted during this time. 
  • Flower Fun Fact- Amaryllis have some substances that can be used in treating Alzheimer’s.  

Considered as one of the showy variety of florals, Amaryllis always screams ‘notice me!’ with its unique and fragrant funnel-shaped blooms. 

The flower’s extravagant petals and erect stems offer a modern touch for brides who want to have a contemporary wedding! 

December – Magnolia 


  • Famous Colors- Pink, White, Purple, Yellow, Dual colored 
  • Symbolism- Magnolia symbolizes femininity, gentleness, nobility, and beauty. 
  • Flower Fun Fact- There is a belief that magnolias are one of the first flowering plants in the Earth. 

Breathtaking elegance: this is the perfect phrase to describe the overall appeal of a magnolia.  

If you want to make a statement on your wedding, this flower’s feminine beauty and strong cone structure will surely impress your guests. 

Perfect for luxurious and aristocratic celebrations, this sophisticated gem will surely radiate a lavish nobility vibe on your special day! 

Image Source: The Stem’s End