Wedding Seating Plan Ideas

Wedding receptions will not be complete without a trusty seating plan placed by the entrance for your guests to check before being seated. Nowadays, there are numerous ways to add a twist to your escort cards to make things more exciting and extra stunning.

Before getting started, you will need to first take into consideration the size of your seating plan. For simple installations, you may chose from the following sizes:

A. 45 x 60 cm – 3 columns; can fit up to 9 tables or 90 guests
B. 45 x 60 cm – 4 column; can fit up to 12 tables or 120 guests
C. 50 x 76 cm – 3 columns; can fit up to 12 tables or 120 guests
D. 50 x 76 cm – 4 columns; can fit up to 16 tables or 160 guests
E. 60 x 91 cm – 4 columns; can fit up to 20 tables or 200 guests
F. 60 x 91cm – 5 columns; can fit up to 25 tables or 250 guests
G. 60 x 91cm – 6 columns; can fit up to 30 tables or 300 guests 

For installations with a complex design, feel free to determine the size of your choice, just note that your seating plan or escort cards should make room for all the names of your guests, be categorized by groups, (be sure to only select a number of guests a table can accommodate), and a few extra spaces for additional guests.

Whatever your wedding theme is, there are certainly a variety of materials you can you use to create the perfect seating plan –– from ceramic, acrylic, wood, flowers, wax stamp, fruits, ribbon, cardboard, to even alcohol! In this article, we have listed a variety of charming seating plan ideas you might want to incorporate to your big day.

Big and Bold

1. Black and Gold


If you’re going for something bold and striking, a framed seating arrangement with black and gold elements might just be perfect. Black and gold are elegant neutral colors that can easily match any wedding theme.

2. Wooden Planks


Seating arrangements laid out on wood are eye-catching and pleasant to look at. Just be sure to make use of black or any ink in bold color to make the texts easier to read!


1. Make it Personalized


Make your wedding reception seat plan more unique and remarkable by writing your guests’ names on dainty ceramic pots. Utilize the area by making use of colorful pots in various shapes and sizes. You may also opt to add some greenery to some pots to make them look more attractive!

2. Plain and Printed


Mix and match plain and printed plates to achieve that bohemian look you’re aiming for. Write your wedding attendees’ names in script to make each plate look more artistic and sophisticated.

3. Bohemian Daydream


Fulfill your bohemian wedding daydreams by using chic mirrors wrapped in rattan weaves. Believe us when we say that your guests will absolutely love looking for their names on these fine-looking mirrors!

4. Charming Fringes


A seating arrangement made out of lovely tassels? Why not? Dangle delicate and elegant looking tassels on sturdy wooden sticks and label each with your guest’s name. To avoid confusion, carefully group the tassels by table!

5. Tie the Knot


A boho wedding will not be complete without making use of macramé. Incorporate macramé to your wedding by using it as an overall frame to your seating plan boards. Your guests will surely love it!

6. You, Me, and the Moon 


Incorporating astrology to your wedding sounds fun and thrilling. Do this by using seating plans made out of finely-cut moons built from glass. Spice up the overall look of the area by adding pampas grass and charming tassels around!

7. Weaves and Greens


Weaves and foliage can also be used as your main materials when assembling your wedding seat plan. Just tie neutral-colored cardboards to the stems of your chosen leaves and you’re good to go!


1. Fruits and Blooms


If you’re a fruit lover, then you might just fall for the idea of using fruits as part of your wedding seating plan arrangement. It’s pretty easy, print out your guests’ names on cardboards and attach it to a toothpick. After which, you can just simply prick a hole on each fruit and voila!

2. In Love With The Coco


Including coconuts on your seat plan sounds fantastic (especially if you and your lover are in love with the tropics!) 

3. Bottom’s Up


Before making your attendees sit down, why not spice things up by making them take a shot? Just remember to attach each guest’s name and table number on the shot!

4. All Glowed Up


A glass of champagne before the exciting wedding festivities start won’t hurt. What better way to serve your guests champagne by putting each glass with their names and table numbers in a spacious wall jazzed up with a posh neon sign.


1. Basic and Uncluttered Boards


Minimalists will certainly love neat seating plans like this one. Just print out the important details on a white board and hang it where it can be easily seen and you’re all good.

2. Pleasant Cubes


Acrylic is definitely a seat plan staple. If you’re leaning towards something simple and easy to make, take advantage of acrylic cubes where you can jot down the essentials with a handy white marker. Stack them together on a clean table and a bit of adornments and you’re all set!

3. Modish Memos


Wax is unquestionably an in thing right now. Enliven your seating plan by stamping wax seals embossed with you and your significant other’s initials on plain white cards.

4. Snazzy Ribbon Ties


Dangling ribbon ties paired with a couple of greens are winsome and fascinating. Our tip is to not overdo it –– just pick two complementing colors to use that will go well with your wedding theme.

5. Artistic Seat Finder


If you’re all about pure elegance, you might want to go for a seat plan like this. The intricate details of the stucco rose made from wax seal is just astonishing –– your guests will surely love browsing through an artistic and sophisticated board like this!


1. All About Lines and Shapes


Liven up your wedding reception entrance by making use of an escort card illustrated with lines. Pair it up with geometric shapes filled with the names of your attendees and a dainty flower arrangement to make it look more eye-catching.

2. Intricate Hanging Boards


Make things easier for your guests with this hanging escort cards made out of acrylic and copper. If you wish to make your escort cards more striking, you may even opt to print out an abstract design on the acrylic boards. Just see to it that the design will not cover the texts.

3. All About Lines


Go for something eccentric like this one if you want your seating plan to be well-remembered. All you need is a plywood (long enough to put all your guests’ names), colored strings, and nails. Your attendees can locate their table by simply following the line from their name to their table number.

4. Music is Life


If you and your spouse are musicians and/or music enthusiasts, then this might just be the perfect music related seating plan design for you! To do this, you just need to fill a white plain board with headphones and attach a cutesy card with your guest’s name and table number.

5. Elegant Cutouts


Aesthetically pleasing seating charts like this one are nice to have. All you need are plywood, wooden stand to hang your boards, vines, a few blooms, and amazing carpenter skills!


1. Seamless Slabs


If you want to incorporate nature to your wedding, affix acrylic slabs on a leafy backdrop, add a few more greenery and scatter candles around to get that romantic vibe. When writing your guest’s name, you may opt to write them in script or in print and be sure to use a white marker that dries easily –– you don’t want ink smudges to take over your slabs!

2. Wooden Sophistication


Wooden backdrops always standout –– what more if it has a chevron design like this? Aim for an impeccable seat plan like this by selecting the right type of wood and the perfect adornments that will go hand in hand with wood.

3. Charming Puzzle Pieces


Puzzle inspired seat plans are adorable and creative. Your guests will surely remember your wedding because escort cards like these are extraordinary. To make the overall setup look more fantastic frame the puzzles with a wreath filled with fresh vines and blooms.

4. Cutouts and Greeneries


Wedding vines are nice to have most of the time because it can easily enhance the overall look of arches. For this type of seating plan, you just need to print out the important details on plain cards and top off your metal arch and cards with freshly-cut vines. This type of seating plan is attainable and easy to do.

5. Embellished Hoops


Simple and well-arranged greens attached to metallic hoops are admired by many. If you’re going for something elegant and graceful, then this seating plan might just be ideal for you.

6. Lustrous Cups


Incorporate you and your lover’s love for coffee and/or drinks in general by making use of pretty cups in copper on your seating plan. Affix the cups in a board and surround it with garden-fresh leaves to make your seating plan more fascinating.

7. Freshly-cut Leaves 


Do you want something adorable and dangling? This seating plan made out of lush greenery is excellent for both outdoor and indoor wedding receptions. You just need to write the important details on each leaf and tie them on a small tree’s branches.

8. Let Love Grow


Go for something romantic and whimsical like this one. Fill tiny tubes with seeds, input the essential details on a sticker paper, and place each sticker outside the tubes and there you have it!

9. A Play On Foliage


If you and your partner are nature lovers by heart, then you might just like the idea of using a variety of dainty leaves as the main décor of your escort cards. They’re divine and definitely pleasing to the eye!

10. Berries and Vines


Fruits used as decors on seating plans are fancy and comely. Wow your guests by attaching adorable escort cards on fine-looking bottles filled with berries and vines.

11. Charming Spheres


If you’re all about that rustic and natural aesthetic for your big day, then you might want to use fine twigs in spheres. Attach the escort cards to the spheres with a neutral-colored string and prettify each one by attaching a few blooms and greens around.

12. Champagne Dreams


Add a little twist to your seating plan by offering your guests a fancy glass of champagne. Make use of a leafy backdrop, attach their names and assigned table numbers on the holders, and you’re good to go!

13. Lush Greens


Seating plans like this one are perfect for garden weddings. You can effortlessly just tie your precious escort cards on branches where they will be easily seen and after which, just overlap it with fresh crawling plants. Easy and simple, right?

14. Keep it Classy


Keep things classy in gold and green hues. For this type of setup, you will need acrylic slabs attached on a sturdy metal stand, fresh foliage, and dainty pastel-colored flowers. This seating plan is excellent for an al-fresco wedding.

15. Fun and Interactive


To make things more fun for your wedding attendees, you may want to opt for an interactive type of seating plan that will require your guests to play a little game. For this kind, your guests will need to hit the blocks containing a table number that will automatically be assigned to them!


1. Chic and Sturdy Stands


Chic and sturdy stands decorated with well-arranged blooms are widely used in wedding receptions. Just place your escort cards on a long acrylic stand and add an eye-catching phrase on top and you’re all set!

2. Dazzling Wax Stamps


Make your escort cards look extra by stamping golden wax seals on each card. It has a way to make your seating plan look modish and elegant.

3. Plain and Glossy 


Aim for something romantic and sweet by making use of escort cards in cherry red. To make this happen, simply place the cards on a plain framed board and match them with a few lovely flower arrangements.

4. Golden and Flowery


Welcome your guests with a golden and flowery seating plan. Your guests will adore a flowery seating plan like this especially if you make use of fine-looking fonts and fancy materials.

5. Color Play


Go for something colorful and fun by creating an ombre inspired seating arrangement. Select pastel-colored cards that will match your big day’s theme and a neutral-colored backdrop that will not overpower your cards.

6. Dainty Ribbon Strips


For that feminine feel, hang your escort cards using delicate ribbons in different pink tones. If pink is not part of your theme, our tip is to select two complementing tones from your wedding color palette. Oh and, do make use of plain blank cards in two or three different shapes!

7. Dashing Arrow Darts


If you’re planning to have an eccentric looking seat plan, use of arrows with posh feathers might be fitting for you. Your guest’s will probably not forget about this splendid area!

8. Tokens from the Ocean


From the ocean to your lovely wedding, seashells are stunning adornments you can include on your escort cards. If you and your significant other have an undying love for the ocean, then they’re the perfect escort card decors for your big day!

9. Romantic Blossoms


Potted flowers are pretty and alluring. Go all out by arranging different types of dainty flowers and greens in sturdy pots and vases. After which, place your guests’ names on the outer part of the pots.

10. Take Me Somewhere New


Travel related designs will suit travel bugs. If you and your partner are into thrilling adventures and exploring new places, then placing a map on your seating plan sounds fitting.

11. Blossoming Love


Flower-covered seating plans are appealing and captivating. Your guests will easily set their sight on a seating plan like this because of its very detailed and delicate elements.

12. Wine Lover


Express your love for wine by making use of a wine cork to hold your escort cards together. Make things even more personalized by embossing the names of your guests on each wine cork. Oh and don’t forget to top them off with your favorite flower to make them look more adorable!

13. All Bottled Up


Transparent bottles filled with enchanting blooms are widely used wedding adornments. If you’re keen on going for a ravishing setup like this, we recommend matching peachy and creamy blooms together.

14. Find Me in the Tropics


Going for something tropical also means using blooms in bold tones and fresh looking palm leaves. For this seating plan setup, you will need to hang acrylic boards in varying heights, a solid stand, and a delightful floral arrangement.

15. Whimsical Blooms


Having your wedding in a luxurious resort? We suggest going for a seating plan where you can display fancy blooms in striking hues inside an acrylic case. Arrangements like this are dramatic and will surely give life to your wedding reception entrance.

16. Sprouting Olives


Olives are commonly used in weddings. If you want to bring into existence a minimalist and graceful looking seating plan, pair up olives with escort cards with a simple yet elegant design.


1. Adorable Wooden Slats


Wooden chopping boards used as the primary design for a seating plan is very much ideal for couples who are chefs. Just use wooden slats in varying shapes and sizes and hang them using a fisherman’s rope.

2. Gleaming and Glowing


Rustic weddings are made more fun with woody and glowing seating plans. To achieve this kind of seating plan, surround a piece of wood (enough to write all your guests’ names) with tiny bedazzling bulbs and decorate the sides with nice-looking greens.

3. All Roads Lead to You


Go for something unique as this –– let your guests navigate their seats by checking out different compasses laid out on a huge wall. This is perfect for you and your lover if you both love traveling together!


1. All Out Metallic 


If you’re a fan of metallic anything, then you might just love the idea of using a gold metallic grid where you can easily clip your escort cards. You can also go all out metallic by printing all your guests’ names in metallic gold!

2. Penny Plain Clip-ons 


A seating plan like this is easy to assemble. All you will need are small clips, a string or a metal wire (this is where you will clip your escort cards), a polished wooden board to hold everything together, a cardboard, and a few dainty ornaments.

3. Stylish Calligraphy


Calligraphy will probably never go out of style. Aim for a seating plan as charming as this one by making use of black ribbons, neutral colored roll ups, and a few vines.

4. Wooden and Crafty


Wooden, leafy, and artistic seating plans like this one are excellent for both indoor and outdoor weddings. All the elements of this type of seating plan should be carefully chosen –– you don’t want to overdo it!

5. All About Glass 


Want to try something unique and classy? Go ahead and affix your attendees’ names in golden and round mirrors! Your guests will absolutely love not only looking for their table assignments in these mirrors, but they will also adore looking at their glammed up selves!

6. Round and Fancy Boards


If your wedding is all about red tones and creamy hues, assemble circular escort boards like this. It will surely help make your wedding recpetion entrance look more romantic and charming!

7. Mirror Mirror on the Wall


Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Here’s another elegant mirror idea that your guests will surely fall in love with –– a mirror framed in gold with pampas grass and a bunch of fresh foliage on the sides! Do you like it? If yes, then you should go for it!

8. Snaphsots for that Personal Touch


Make your seating plan extra special by hiring an artist that can draw all of your guests’ beautiful and handsome faces. Group the photos together by table and add a few simple ornaments around and you’re good to go!

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