30+ Adorable Wedding Décor Ideas

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Planning the wedding of your dreams is an exciting and crucial part of getting married. Besides the pleasure and thrill in selecting the perfect wedding dress, picking out elegant and dainty wedding decorations is another important and exciting task you need to include on your wedding to-do list.

With the abundance of charming and striking ornaments you can choose from in adorable supplies stores, you will probably never run out of choices, but don’t sweat it because with the help of Pinterest, a superb wedding planner who understands your taste and style, and an amazing florist, we’re pretty sure you will be able to make your dream wedding happen!

Keep reading because here we have listed 30+ wedding décor ideas for your big day.

Wedding ceremony

Wedding aisle must-haves

The wedding aisle is one of the most important areas during a wedding ceremony. Enliven the overall look of your very own wedding walkway by adding these fine embellishments:

1. Floor Runner


Make an entrance when you walk down the aisle on your special day by picking a simple yet elegant floor runner.

A. Long carpet

Use of long carpets has always been a tradition in Church weddings (although it is also used in outdoor weddings nowadays.) If you plan to use a long carpet as your walkway, make sure that it will match the color scheme and style of your wedding.

B. Beautifully scattered flower petals

Fresh and dainty sprinkled flower petals also make the perfect wedding aisle décor. Our tip is to do a play on pretty colors or just pick one dominant hue. There is no such thing as “overkill” when talking about wedding decorations. It’s either you go big or you go home!

2. Vases


Striking wedding vases in the same sizes are chic and trendy. Fill them with freshly picked flowers and mix some greenery to make an impressive look.

3. Bottles


Adorable bottles for blooms and greens can also be used as an alternative to wedding vases. Just make sure to pick out the perfect color/s, style, and size!

4. Candles


Make your big day more intimate by adding beautifully lit candles along your wedding aisle. We suggest placing them in transparent glass vases in alternating sizes.

5. Baskets


Well-crafted woven baskets are pleasing to the eye especially when filled with your favorite flowers. Just like elegant vases and adorable bottles, woven baskets can make your walkway extra charming.

6. Sashes


Stylish sashes tied at the end seat of every row are a must if you want to make the aisle look more stunning and elegant. We suggest making use of fine fabric or ribbon hues that matches your color scheme.

Classic altar embellishments

The altar is a sacred area where you will be saying your heartfelt I do’s and beautifully written wedding vows. Make your wedding more intimate and romantic by adding these aesthetically pleasing adornments to your wedding altar:

1. Arches


When talking about wedding arches, think floral, leafy, and wooden arcs. You can mix and match fine and charming ornaments that look good together to create an arch that you’ve always imagined! Some of our top picks would be flower garlands, pine cones, feathers, modish fabrics that can be turned into drapes, dainty lanterns, or even fancy fairy lights.

2. Wreaths


Who said wreaths can only be used during the holidays? Simple yet trendy wreaths can add zest to the overall ambiance of your altar. It can be used as your main backdrop during the ceremony or can be used as hanging accent pieces.

3. Candles


Candles are filed under our list of wedding décor must-haves. They are versatile and can give that instant glow to any area of your space. If you’re keen on using candles in your wedding altar, our tip is to make use of wax candles in various sizes.

Floral charms

As per usual, flowers are definite wedding essentials. They come in different forms, shapes, sizes, and hues. Here are some floral accessories you will need on your big day:

1. Flower bouquets


Pretty and neat flower bouquets are necessities for you (aka the beautiful bride-to-be) and your lovely entourage. There are a wide selection of fresh blooms to choose from in flower shops, just make sure they’re complementing each other. If you’re having second thoughts on what to get, you can always consult your florist and ever dependable wedding planner!

2. Corsage


As a tradition, a corsage is usually given to female family members of the bride as a symbolism of love and friendship. If you plan to give your mom and grandmother, it will be best to pick out corsages in the same style and color (that matches their lovely wedding dresses of course!)

3. Boutonniere


A boutonniere on the other hand are worn by male individuals that are part of your lovely entourage. It is usually worn by your husband’s father, the ring bearer, and ushers. When picking one for your entourage, select a simple yet elegant boutonniere that will also match their outfits.

Wedding reception

Table setting staples

A glamorous table setup is necessary if you want to amaze your guests and give them a good time while they devour on the appetizing meals and delectable delights that will be served. A well-thought of setup will go a long way, so here are brilliant table décor ideas you can use to get that picture-perfect table setting come to life:

1. Floral Centerpiece


A centerpiece can either make or break your whole table setup. Our suggestion would be making use of winsome floral garlands or storing nice-looking flowers in simple yet elegant vases in varying heights. Another trend right now is making use of luxurious hanging decorations above the tables to wow your guests. This way, you would be able to leave extra space for your other decors and table sets (e.g. plate and cutlery sets.)

2. Table Runners


Table runners are the perfect add-ons to your table setup. Whether you’re going for a bohemian, minimal, or fancy look, runners can give that extra boost to your overall setup.

3. Candles


Candles are a great match to floral centerpieces. Simply scatter them around your table garlands and you’re good to go.

4. Table Napkins


Simplicity is key when it comes to table napkins. When selecting which one to use, go for hues that will match your table cover and/or runner and dainty adornments evenly distributed in the middle of your table.

5. Plate, Glass, and Cutlery Sets


The little details always matter. Make sure that you have dinner and salad plates and a trusty soup bowl properly arranged for your lovely guests. For your cutlery set, make sure you have a spoon and fork for the most awaited main course, fork for sweet treats, a butter knife, and a soup spoon. Lastly, don’t forget water and wine glasses!

6. Chair Tails


Wedding chair tails are trendy and chic statement pieces that can spice up the overall look of your wedding reception seats. Make use of seamless fabrics and add a floral accent piece and you’re all set!

7. Table numbers


To avoid confusion, add table numbers so that your guests can easily access their seats. Bejeweled table numbers are always pleasing to the eye.

8. Terrariums


Terrariums can be used as an alternative to vases. It’s a very versatile décor because besides storing beautiful blooms and greens, you can also store mini candles and cutesy fairy lights inside it for that added table setup glow.

Picture-perfect Treasures

Besides investing your time selecting adorable and eye-catching table decors, you should not forget about the other stunning adornments for the other areas of your wedding reception.

1. Wreaths


Dreamy wedding wreaths is an in thing now. You can hang them on the ceiling in different lengths and sizes, at the back of chairs, or simply place them on walls to give life to empty corners.

2. Drapes


Without a doubt, drapes can jazz up the look of your wedding reception ceiling. Our tip: fill the place with exemplary drapes made out of translucent, opaque, or sheer fabrics.

3. Desserts Table Display


A wedding will not be complete without a designated table for all the sweet treats you will be serving your wonderful wedding attendees. When it comes to the desserts section in your wedding reception, you might want to consider using dessert stands in varying heights, flower garlands, a few candles, and personalized written names for each sweet confection.

Lighting Essentials

Whether your theme is magical fairytale, an outdoor fest, disco party, or something fancy and luxurious, the lighting of your choice can help set the mood of the venue. When it comes to superb lighting, our top choices would be the use of chandeliers, lanterns, string lights, fairy lights, and dance floor lights. Keep reading to know why!

1. Chandeliers


Fancy chandeliers are also pleasing to the eyes. They are usually made out of elegant materials like vintage looking lamps, gleaming light bulbs, or beautiful lighted candles. Go ahead and take your pick!

2. Hanging Paper Lanterns


Comely and striking paper lanterns are also on our list of pretty wedding reception ornaments. Not only are lanterns enchanting to look at, but they also effortlessly complement fine ceiling drapes and glowing string lights.

3. String Lights


Dazzling string lights are also nice to have. If you’re planning to have a night full of dancing and exciting activities, string lights are a definite go! They’re wedding décor must-haves especially when you want your celebration to be intimate and whimsical.

4. Fairy Lights


Fairy lights are whimsical and adorable. You may also hang them, store them in cutesy mason jars or scatter them around tables.

5. Dance Floor lights


A wedding reception will not be complete without a dance floor where you and your guests can groove to the beat. Our tip, hang some fancy lights around if you want to enliven the ambiance of the dance floor.

Embellished Personalized Signboards

Customized signboards are usually used as signposts in different areas of the wedding reception. If you’re thinking about adding quirky and fancy personalized boards all around your majestic venue, you might want to consider the following:

1. Food Menus


Enticing food menus placed on your guests tables are worthwhile decors that everyone will surely love. You probably would want to excite your guests with the delectable meals and refreshments that you will serve, right?

2. Stylized Signs


Stylized signs filled with romantic quotes or you and your husband’s initials are eye-catching especially if you place them by the entrance or an area where your attendees will most likely pass by.

3. Wall Displays


You and your lover’s photos through the years make the perfect wall displays. Placing photographs of your most memorable moments in simple yet elegant looking frames in varying sizes sounds like a good idea!

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