Wedding Bouquet Ideas


Flowers play an important role in one’s wedding. They’re definite essential adornments for you (the lovely bride of course!), your entourage, the wedding altar, and the wedding reception. As the star of your own big day, it is important to pay attention to the alluring flowery bouquet that you will be using all throughout the event.

There are a wide variety of charming and elegant flowers in different sizes and colors to choose from –- from Peonies, Roses, Succulents, Lily of the Valley, Sweet Pea, Jasmine, Lavender, the list goes on. There are no rules when it comes to selecting the flower arrangement of your dreams. As the saying goes, there are no bad flowers, just bad flower arrangements. Inspiring Pinterest boards, helpful wedding blogs, and your awesome wedding planner and florist are your best friends.

Here we have listed 40+ wedding bouquet arrangement ideas for different types of weddings.


1. Modern Green


Mixing freshly-cut foliage in overlapping sizes with a few milky-white blooms is still an in thing right now. Imagine walking down the aisle of your dreams in your stunning designer dress while clenching on to a lush bouquet full of eye-catching leaves and ferns. When it comes to greenery, our top picks would be Myrtle, Leatherleaf Ferns, Lemon Leaves, Eucalyptus Baby Blue, and Grevillea.

2. Multicolored


When it comes to whimsical themed weddings, use of bright tones and fancy adornments are a must. Mix and match intricate blooms in different splashes of colors and complement it with widely spaced greens and you’re good to go. If you want to go over the top, you may also opt to add a few colorful frills at the bottom. Our top floral picks would be tulips, peonies, sweet peas, pink/red gerbera, matsumoto aster, and poppy

3. Olives


Dainty looking olive branches is always a good match to bohemian brides. Forget about extravagant flowers in bold colors for now, olives are eye-catching enough and will definitely flatter your stunning gown.

4. Pink Astilbe


Delicate and charming are two words that can be used to describe Astilbes. They usually bloom in dreamy hues –– from lavender, white, pink and red. Among all these hues, Astilbes in pink has a way of standing out when matched with other enchanting pastel and neutral-colored blooms.

5. White Aristocracy


Elegant white flowers will always be a classic wedding bouquet staple. If you’re thinking about going for something striking and intricate, White Aristocracy paired with fresh leafy greens and a seamless silk ribbon underneath is a go.

7. White and Gold


White and gold symbolizes purity and elegance respectively. Combining flowers in these two elegant colors will give you a classy and chic arrangement that will surely wow your lover and lovely wedding attendees. If you’re concerned about having a white on white ensemble, you can always spice up the look of your bouquet by selecting a number of gold accents –– they will surely stand out.

Top floral picks: Rose, Orchid, Tulip, Lily of the Valley, and Callalily

Summer Season

1. Romantic Summer


Tying the knot during summertime perhaps in the tropics where the weather is warm and the winds are gentle sounds ideal especially if you’re from a country where it’s always freezing and chilly. When it comes to the perfect floral bouquet to use during your big day, a delightful mix of the colors of the sky and the clouds on a warm summer day sounds like a good idea.

Autumn Season

1. Autumn


If your style is eccentric and extraordinary, then you will probably adore making use of beautiful textured foliage in bright hues like yellow. Just make sure that the arrangement will look good with the wedding dress of your dreams!

Winter Season

1. Winter in Color


Imagine making an enchanting entrance with your picturesque gown while holding on to striking cherry blossom branches. Sounds like the dream. We’re pretty sure when the wedding bells start ringing and the talented chorale starts singing, all eyes will be on you. Who says cherry blossoms cannot be used in weddings?

2. Red Roses for a Winter Wedding


Celebrating your big day in winter wonderland? No problem. Red roses are your best friends if you want to make a statement on your big day where it’s chilly and snowing. As a flower that symbolizes love and strong desire, you will unquestionably set the romantic atmosphere of the special occasion as you walk through a snowy aisle whilst carrying delicate red roses.

3. Feathers Effect


Feathers have been an ongoing wedding décor trend –– they’re widely used as table centerpieces, chair ornaments, cake toppers, and a lot more. Adding delicate feathers on the other hand on your bouquet is also ideal because it can add some zest to the overall look of your arrangement. They’re also perfect to use in winter weddings!

Spring Season

1. Spring Romantic


Spring is all about dainty pastel hues like rosy pink, lilac, and tiffany blue. When looking for another fine shade that will go together with the said colors, celadon green would be the perfect match.

2. Yellow Acacia


Vibrant colors like yellow are pleasing to the eye especially when paired up with complementing hues like green, light purple, and pink. When talking about enchanting spring blooms, Yellow Acacia definitely falls on top of our list. They have the power to make your wedding bouquet look extra stunning not only because of its bold color, but also because of its delicate details.


1. Jasmine


If you’re into sweet and calming flowery scents, using Jasmines on your bouquet is an absolute must. There are different types of Jasmine flowers in different tones and when it comes to weddings, florists usually recommend using the Common Jasmine (Jasminum Officinale) due to its lovely scent.

2. Lavender


Another sweet-smelling scent on our list would be the smell of ethereal Lavenders. Not only are Lavenders very much used in essential oils, but they also make the perfect bouquet add-ons. They easily match other kinds of purple blooms.


1. Herbal


Herbs are used nowadays to create aesthetically pleasing flower arrangements. There is a wide variety of symbolic herbs that you can use for your bouquet –– from Calendula, Lemon Verbena, Myrtle, Rosemary, Dill, to Bee Balm, the list goes on. Flower bouquets spiced up with charming herbs are really nice to use in garden weddings.

2. Organic


If you’re thinking about going for something natural and organic, consider including wheat that will easily go hand in hand with pastel colored blooms.

3. Fruits


Fruits can surely be used to enliven the look of your bouquet. When selecting what fruits to include on your bouquet, go for fruits that have the same color as your flowers. Just make sure not to overdo it!


1. Succulents


If you’re having an enchanting beachfront wedding, why not use succulents as accents to your dainty bouquet? They come in different ravishing hues and can easily match peonies, ferns, anemones, and ranunculus.

2. Beach Romance


When it comes to beachfront weddings, light-colored blooms in blue, white, ivory, and green are absolutely ideal to use. Our top floral picks would be calla lilies, roses, peonies and hydrangeas.

3. Nautical


Nautical themed yacht weddings call for flowers in royal blue, yellow, white, green, and sand. Enliven the look of your own bouquet by wrapping adorable ribbons in nautical hues.

4. Garden


Planning a garden themed wedding? You will absolutely not go wrong in making do with pastel-colored blooms. Mix and match calendulas, roses, petunias, geranium, gardenia, calla lilies, and jasmines and you will end up with an astonishing arrangement.

5. Mountain Wedding


A fairytale mountain wedding on the other hand calls for a gorgeous bouquet filled with whimsical colored blooms and delicate greenery. Vibrant colors are a must when celebrating your big day in the mountaintops because they absolutely match the colors of nature.


1. Boho


Bohemian inspired weddings are all about eclectic blooms and greens. If you want something striking, make use of different greenery in varying textures and lengths. If you ask us, our top choices would be eucalyptus greens, nagi, myrtle, and Italian ruscus. With the right amount and balance, we’re pretty sure they will all look good together!

2. Elegant 


If you’re going for an elegant and sophisticated aura on your big day, why not pick white flowers for your bouquet? After all, white flowers are timeless classics that symbolize purity and innocence. Peonies and Lily of the Valley make a good match!

3. Classic


Make a statement when you walk down the aisle of your dreams with your fancy dress and posh wedding bouquet arrangement. An all white floral arrangement is a classic staple amongst brides who want to portray pure elegance. Think blooming peonies closely tied together by a seamless white fabric.

4. Rustic


When talking about rustic weddings, think earthy tones, twines, laces, and a chic selection of blooms. You don’t want to outdo your bouquet if you’re going for a rustic vibe because they’re not the usual flowery bouquets that you see in other weddings. Pampas grass, orchids, dried greenery, and roses are our usual picks when it comes to rustic themed bouquets.

5. Outdoor Vintage or Winery


Vintage aesthetic will never go out of style. If you’re dreaming of a wedding filled with old treasures, timeless adornments, and intricate flower arrangements, then this type of bouquet will most likely suit your style. To get that major vintage vibe, go for flowers like astilbe, colored carnations, and roses. Oh and don’t forget to surround the flower/s of your choice with some

6. Modern Elegant


What comes to your mind when you hear the words modern and elegant? If you’re aiming for a modern and elegant floral bouquet make use of overlapping pastel-colored blooms and subtle hints of greenery.

7. Sophisticated Artistic


If on the other hand, you want to hold onto the idea of going for something exceptional and sophisticated, try experimenting with fresh acacia tree leaves. You’ll easily fall in love with its fine flimsy details. 

8. Glamorous 


Every bride needs to look all glammed up on their big day. How about selecting a floral bouquet filled with fresh white blooms combined with overlapping greenery? There is a wide range of angelic white flowers (best for weddings) available in the market! You can pick from carnations, garden roses, dahlias, peonies, ranunculus and a lot more.

9. Bougainvillea


Bougainvillea inspired weddings is an in thing now. As a flower that blooms all year round in tropical countries, it will not be hard to get a hold of it for your big day. The precious hot pink color of its leaves and the beautiful sprawling vines of this type of flower make a perfect match to simple yet chic wedding dresses.

10. Celestial


If you’re into astrology and metallic tones, a celestial inspired wedding bouquet might be ideal for you. Make use of galactic colored blooms that will easily stand out from the crowd and add on some freshly picked leaves to liven up the overall look of your bouquet.

11. Modern Chic with Grand Peonies & Tropical Leaves


Go for something chic and unique by including majestic peonies and fine-looking tropical leaves on your bouquet. They’re an outstanding combination especially if you’re celebrating your big day in the tropics.

12. Tropical Greenery


Go all out on greenery to achieve that tropical aesthetic you’re aiming for. You’ll never go wrong in lush monsteras, banana leaves, fan palms, elephant ears, and areca palms. Eye-catching bouquets filled with different types of dainty greenery are ideal for fairytale garden weddings.

13. Royal


For a royal wedding like Prince William and Kate Middleton’s, put together lily of the valley, myrtle, and hyacinth. They’re the usual stunning staples if you’re thinking about going for a royal wedding inspired nuptial.

14. Vintage


Go back in time by picking out timeless blooms that will surely make everyone star struck. Roses, carnations, and peonies are our top three picks when it comes to selecting the perfect flowers to include on your vintage looking bouquet.

15. Ombre


Ombre inspired wedding gowns also call for a complementing flower bouquet. Our tip is to fill your arrangement with dainty blooms in the same hues as your astonishing dress. You may also opt to add some neutral-colored flowers and a few leafy greens around.

15. Protea Wedding


Also known as Sugarbushes, proteas are widely used in wedding bouquets due to its charming and elegant appearance. Put together a couple of pretty pink, orange, and green proteas and pair them with other whimsical blooms and you’re good to go.

16. Cactus


When thinking about wedding bouquets, succulents are not the usual plant that comes to mind of people. But did you know that they’re nice add-ons to your bouquet? There’s a variety of good-looking succulents you can choose from that comes in different hues and sizes. Our top picks would be old lady cactus, star cactus, barrel cactus, and moon cactus.

17. Take Me Back to 60’s Fashion


Hoop bouquets are one-of-a-kind. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, then this might just suit you. Classic white blooms paired up with freshly picked greens are always pleasing to the eye.

18. A Movie Inspired Wedding


Movie inspired weddings are always fascinating. If you’re planning to have one, our suggestion would be making use of Magnolias (yes, a movie was actually named after this charming flower!) on your bouquet. Its sophisticated and delicate look will unquestionably wow the crowd.

19. Hydrangea


Hydrangeas are romantic and elegant. They’re the perfect blooms to use if you’re having your wedding during spring or summer.Think whimsical blooms in dainty pastel colors and seamless frills.

20. Mirror Effect


If bold or quirky colors are not your cup of tea, then you might want to consider going for a bouquet composed of elegant flowers in one neutral color. They’ll easily match your gown and accessories. Plus, they’re certainly glamorous and captivating.


1. Round Modern Bouquet


Round modern bouquets are always appealing to the eyes of many. If you’re not into too much hanging and overlapping blooms and greenery, then this type of arrangement might just be ideal for you.

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