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16 Wedding Flower Arrangements Trends

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Wedding flowers can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your wedding, so why not go for something unique? If you’re bored of the standard floral arrangements that you’ve seen at a million weddings before, then read on. We’ve gathered together some incredible inspiration for fresh floral arrangements that will add some serious visual impact to your wedding day.

1. Hanging Around

With hanging flowers the choices are endless. You can choose to string flowers together for a falling wall of flowers, hang flowers upside down on walls or even have hanging baskets of flowers positioned around your venue for a visual that draws the eye and gets people talking.Hanging Pomanders are one gorgeous option – creating a colourful ball of blooms that look equally fun and stylish. Or why not invest in some hanging globe glassware accessories to display your flowers in? The effect can be very striking.

2. Just Add Water

For a twist on the traditional, add water to your centerpieces. Calla lilies and roses can look exceptionally beautiful when submerged in water in a cylindrical vase. Pinterest it if you don’t believe us!

3. Cascading Colour

Flower walls. They can sound a little expensive but that’s only because they really are out of this world. Whether you string flowers together to create a curtain of falling flowers or really go for it with a tapestry of flowers, a floral wall will certainly add a luxurious wow to your wedding. What could be more enchanting? If you do go for this – we recommend you use fragranced flowers too – for even more sensory delight.

4. Floating Flowers

Canopy Flower Decoration

Shouldn’t getting married feel like you’re floating on air? Why not bring that concept to your flowers by floating your flowers? We love the idea of a suspended floral canopy so rather than a traditional wedding arch, your vows can take place underneath a floating display of trailing foliage, stems and petals. How romantic is that?

5. Mirror Mirror

Wedding Flower Arrangement

Clever use of mirrors can maximise your floral budget while adding a whole lot of charm. Why not position your vases on mirrors or use mirrored vases for an elegant effect? Mixing flowers with candles and mirrored accessories can create a truly ethereal result.

6. Running Riot

Add a riot of colour and class to your wedding tables by opting for a floral runner. Go for something demure and delicate or for maximum OMG, go for a big bloomed runner that trails off the ends of the table – we promise this floral arrangement will create a dramatic effect.

7. Flora, Fruits and Foliage

Extraordinary wedding flower displays don’t necessarily have to include flowers at all. Alternatives to floral arrangements can include succulents, cacti or even fruits like pineapples, pomegranates, grapes, kumquats and figs, for a decadent and impressive twist.

We love the idea of using greenery and leaves without flowers – somehow laurel leaves or eucalyptus can look just as stunning as table decorations as vases full of peonies.

Wispy air plants can add whimsy while using ornamental kale within your table decorations or bouquet can add a rustic note to your wedding design. Even grasses – yes grasses – can look sensational when suspended above a table for a touch of the wild.

8. Gorgeous Garlands

Floral wedding garlands are something you don’t see at every wedding – and for that reason alone, we’re obsessed with them. Whether they’re slung over the backs of chairs, positioned neatly at the end of aisles, or entwined around the beams of a barn wedding, they offer a lovely alternative to your average floral wedding arrangements and can use a lot of greenery for a naturally stunning result.

9. Crowning Glory

Who can resist the allure of a floral crown? Quintessentially romantic, a floral crown can look sensational on the bride, and cute as can be on flower girls or bridesmaids. For a fresh take on the floral crown try the upside down crown instead, for a burst of colourful flowers at the nape of your neck. Stunning.

10. Centre of Attention

Those all-important centrepieces can cause a lot of sleepless nights can’t they? They need to be original but affordable, glamorous but not predictable. Unique and original, but not bizarre. Luckily we’re obsessed with finding new ideas for centerpieces. Often adding interest to your wedding flowers can be as simple as choosing the right accessories to display them in. You could try presenting your flowers in different sizes of vases, positioning flowers in tea pots, boxes or pedestal vases or float your flowers for an upside down centerpiece that will look sensational in photographs.

11. Ombre Magic

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If you’ve set yourself on a specific colour choice, why not try the ombre effect? Graduating your flowers from a deep hue to a lighter one can look very effective when you have a long table to decorate. Simple but surprisingly chic.

12. Set The Bar

Guests of honor, grooms and best men – they all need button-hole flowers or boutonniere flowers to really add that finish to their outfits. Instead of your usual floral button hole why not get with the cool kids and go for a boutonniere bar which gives button hole blooms a chic new take. Set in a neat rectangle, flowers are clustered together to create a piece of art that could even make you feel a touch jealous that you don’t get to wear one too!

13. Love Letters

Wedding Floral Initial Letters

What could be more romantic than having the initials of you and your beloved framed in flowers? Floral monograms make for beautiful and personal centrepieces that can be arranged in a multitude of ways – from hanging on walls to stand alone decorations on tables.

14. Scattered Charm

Simple, traditional but surprisingly impactful, scattering a confetti of petals around your venue can add a truly romantic and feminine touch to your wedding decorations. Sprinkle petals down the aisle or across tables to add a dreamy quality.

15. Arch Delight

Floral arches are a wonderful way to add visual structure and identity to your wedding – and they can also serve many purposes. From saying your ‘I do’s’ underneath a trailing arch of your favourite blooms, to using an arch to cut your cake underneath, floral arches are becoming ever more popular.

16. Floral Accents

Adding flowers to your table decorations can go beyond your typical centre pieces. It can look incredibly sophisticated to add floral touches to your napkins or place names.  For example, adding a sprig of rosemary to your napkins or a single flower can make the wedding décor look a lot more expensive without breaking the bank. These little details can make a huge difference to the final feel of your wedding.

Looking for more original ideas for your floral arrangements? Why not contact us to arrange a wedding planning consultation or to brainstorm theme ideas and décor? We’re experts in bringing about dream destination weddings.

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