Green with Envy: Wow Guests Away with Creative Uses of Greenery and Foliage

Greenery and foliage are all the rage nowadays, popular to all weddings for their uniqueness and aesthetic value. What makes these lovely leaves stand out is their versatility. You can literally use them for different decoration detail on your big day.

It also helps that these greens are virtually available all throughout the year, so they fit perfectly for different seasons. Some greens last without water for up to 12 hours, while some like ferns wilt easier. For cold season’s dry air, it’s recommended to use an anti-desiccant spray for your fresh greens to make them last longer. Proper game planning and coordination between your florist and wedding planner will ensure the best and most gorgeous results.

The simplicity and muted elegance foliage and greens bring to any wedding theme make up to their lack of vibrant colors. In this case, it really rings true that something doesn’t need to be colorful to capture someone’s attention. Read on to get inspiration which you can use for your own wedding.

1. Table Runner 

Make Happy Memories Greenery Table Runner

Wooden tables for bohemian weddings are best complemented with greenery table runners. Putting the greens lusciously flowing at the center gives an authentic organic look. Choose from a wide variety of leaves that go along well together, creating a balance of style and texture. Add some candles and other trinkets to the arrangement to complete the look.

Just remember to use greens that don’t wilt immediately as the leaves will not be in the water for the whole duration. Skip ferns which easily wither and opt for the likes of silver dollar and diamond eucalyptus, olive leaves, salal, and Nagi leaves.

2. Backdrop

Make Happy Memories Greenery Backdrop

If nature inspires you then a greenery backdrop will surely match your wedding. This rich detail elevates the theme perfectly — fresh and vibrant just how it should be. You can mix greens and succulents for the perfect texture and hues, or a single type of plant if you want to go with the simple yet stylish look. If you’re doing an indoor wedding, this is a great way to bring the “outdoors” to the party.

There are lots of venues with walls covered in greens, and you can maximize this by using it as the actual backdrop. Greece is the perfect location for greenery weddings as the country boasts of walls of lush bougainvillea all year round.

3. Arch 

Make Happy Memories Greenery Arch

Elevate your venue with a beautiful wedding arch of greens. With this décor, you can use a mix of branches and leaves to create a lush entrance, altar, or aisle decoration. You can go minimalist with choice leaves but can also be bold by generously using a mix of grass, ferns, and leaves. You may use a wooden or a metal canopy to hold everything in place.

Add a tropical touch to your wedding by using exotic leaves for your arch. The most popular choices would be palm, monstera, olive leaves, and philodendron.

4. Bouquet

Who says you cannot not have flowers in your bouquet? Gone are the days when you need florals in order for your bouquet to stand out. Current trends now let you employ foliage and greens as the star of your bridal bunch. Sleek, stylish, and oh so refreshing!

Eucalyptus is probably the most popular choice, but you can also use other plants like jasmine vine, ferns, and even berries. You can also throw in herbs in the bunch like rosemary.

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5. Centerpiece 

Make Happy Memories Greenery Centerpiece

Contrary to popular belief, you actually don’t need a lot of color for your wedding centerpieces. Sticking to monotone hues does the trick if you’re aiming for something simple yet stunning. Greens and foliage complement a lot of other color tones, too, so they are easy to pair with just about any wedding theme. They are great for white and black details and decors, too.

Potted ferns and herbs used as centerpieces are quirky, natural, and relaxed, so it’s great for laidback weddings and celebrations. Include golden or glittered candles in your arrangement as their soft glow will provide the romantic vibe.

6. Seat Wreath 

Make Happy Memories Greenery Seat Wreath

Wedding seats should not be overlooked when it comes to decorations. Even the simplest garland of greens will transform a simple chair into a stylish one. Use a ribbon to tie the wreath onto the chair. Instead of a wreath, you can also use vines and ferns.

To make a statement, use Greek eucalyptus for this. What’s great about this species is that it’s bigger than the usual eucalyptus leaves and more vibrant in color and beautiful.

7. Hanging Décor 

Make Happy Memories Greenery Hanging1
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For luxurious weddings, hanging decors are a must. With this kind of theme, going with greens is a way to make a statement. Great with indoor venues like a boutique hotel, you can pair this décor with candles, lamps, and hanging tea lights for a dreamy illumination.

8. Hair Accessory

Greens can also be used as a beauty accessory! Instead of the usual flower crown, have a foliage crown. Silver dollar eucalyptus is a great pick but leaves of your choice will also do the trick. This is a simple and sweet addition to your bridal look. You can also match your crown with your bridesmaids and flower girls.

9. Menu Sheet

Keep everything on-theme by using leaves as your menu sheet. There are a number of leaves that you can use for this like dieffenbachia, birds of paradise leaf, banana leaf, or philodendron. Use a silver or gold pen to create a beautiful contrast. Best to hire a calligrapher for better presentation.

10. Name Card and Table Number

Make Happy Memories Greenery Table Number1
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Use a smaller type of leaf for this like magnolia or salal. This will beautifully match your menu sheet. This is eco-friendly and will save you from printing expenses. You can even use them as tags for your wedding favors.

11. Cake Décor

Make Happy Memories Greenery Cake1
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Instantly transform your white wedding cake into a masterpiece by adding greenery accents to it. Make sure that the leaves that you will use are edible like herbs or ask your florist for the best options. You may also incorporate succulents as your cake topper.

Olive leaves also make great cake accents. If you’re having a destination wedding in Greece, you’re in luck as the country is abundant in olive groves – where you can also hold your wedding!

12. Boutonniere

Match with your man by using leaves as a boutonniere. A sprig leaves and some berries will do the trick. This will beautifully match your foliage crown. You can use this for the groomsmen to match the bridesmaids, too.

13. Bar Décor

Of course, you have to dress up your bar! You can DIY this by using wooden boxes to serve as your table and putting lush greens like eucalyptus for fragrance and ferns for texture.

14. Wedding Favors

You can also incorporate greenery to your wedding favors by giving away herb-infused oil. Put it in a nice jar and tie with a ribbon and you instantly have a usable and practical gift for your guests. There are a number of herbs you can use like basil, rosemary, tarragon, and mint. Yum!

15. Invitation

No need for flowery and colorful design for your invite. A clean, simple, and sleek look will definitely do the trick. Use a sprig of artificial greens to accompany your invite. It’s a practical and creative way to infuse your theme up to the smallest details.

16. Ceremony Details

Make Happy Memories Greenery Cord1
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Tie a sprig of greens like fern or Magnolia to your wedding items like the candle to keep everything on-theme. You can also use a vine instead of the usual cord for the ceremony.

17. Flower Girl “Petals”

Mix in some leaves in your flower girls’ basket to fill the aisle with both blooms and greens. You can also exclusively use leaves of different types to keep the look lush and monochromatic.

You may use different-colored greens for this like lamb’s ear, olive, dusty miller, and ruscus for a pretty contrast.

18. Aisle Décor

Walk down the aisle in a greenery wonderland by including this in your venue décor. Use vines or pots of shrubs. You may also use loose leaves to give that woodland feel. Illuminate the aisle with white candles or rustic lamps that go well with the green color.

Make Happy Memories Greenery Aisle
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19. Cascading Greens

Add a dreamy effect to your reception venue by adding cascading green leaves at a specific corner. If there are flower walls, of course, a greenery wall is also possible! Tie each leaf to a pretty ribbon and write a romantic quote or a short promise of love. You can even ask your guests to write their own message. It’s a cool activity corner to add on your big day.

20. Escort Card

Instead of just placing the escort cards on top of a table, pin the cards on a greenery wall that will serve as the wedding’s directory. It’s a fun way to arrange the seating plan, and easier for the guests to find their seat. No shuffling of papers, all they need is to look at the beautiful wall and locate their name.