Notable Names Cards and Memorable Menus: 40+ Inspirations for Your Special Occasion

The table is one of the highlights of an event. Be it a wedding, a party, or a simple gathering at home. First, your table should be comfortable and properly placed as it is where your guests will spend majority of their time, enjoying and witnessing how the affair will unfold. This is one of the reasons why you have to invest time and effort in planning and organizing how your table will be presented.

It’s not just the centerpieces and tableware, it’s usually the smallest details that will catch your guests’ attention. Clever accents that are not just attractive but are also useful. First on the list will be your menu and name cards. What’s awesome about menu cards is that they are versatile and can be retrofit based on your wedding theme. You can have fun with illustrations, embellishments, and even the material you’ll be using. A great and creative break from the more serious stages of your planning.

Pulling off memorable menu and name cards means that you have perfectly curated your event down to the very last detail – something that is absolutely impressive. In this article, we’ve presented a number example where you can draw inspiration from for your next big event. Read on for the complete list.

Classic and Traditional

Menus have one single goal: to let your guests know what you have prepared for them during the reception, food-wise. These classics are simple yet stylish, straight to the point with clear and bold letters, no-fuss, and very much informative — just how it should be.

1. Letterpress Love


Letterpress invites are popular for a reason – they’re stylish, easy to read, and fits just about any event theme. This sophisticated printing process lets you choose the type of font and print you want – embossed, engraved, stamped, etc. To break the rather formal detail, add a quirky accent like colored clothespin with the name of the guest.

2. Sleek Sleeve


Smart and sleek, a multipurpose menu like this one is perfect for fuss-free events and gatherings. A sleeve menu like this one can be used to hold the cutlery and napkin and as name card for your guests. Hitting three birds with one stone!

3. Peek-A-Boo


Add an element of surprise in your menu by concealing it first to your guests. Hide it in a napkin and top with some florals. Keep the set up simple but fun by tucking the name card in their forks. Cute!

4. Nature-Inspired


Drawing inspiration from nature will give you a beautiful and stunning output. This olive-inspired menu card mixes watercolor artwork and simple text. Breaking the rather simple look is the white band used as name card for the guest. Smart!

5. Kraft Creation


via Letterink

Transform simple day-to-day items like a brown bag into a work of art by using it as sleeve for your menu. Put in a handwritten label and you’ve got a cool and affordable accent on your table. Add a pop of color by topping it with a stem of flower.

6. Flower Power


Elevate your menu from simple to stunning by adding a wonderful name card attached to a complementing bloom. This pretty detail won’t go unnoticed for sure.

7. Fruity and Fab


Instead of flowers, help your name card and menu stand out by adding fruits in the mix. This one used a fig to add texture, color, and fruity touch to the simple piece of paper.

8. Wrapped and Wonderful


Add a fun twist to your menu by wrapping it in your appetizer — bread! It will be a nice surprise to your guests for sure. Use a nice-colored string and pitch a small flag on the bread that bears the guests’ name for more quirk. Don’t forget to provide a dipping oil for a complete yummy treat!

Romantic Chic

Fine calligraphy, soft colors, and delicate details complete a romantic chic table. Dainty add-ons like ribbons, feathers, and soft linen make the menu setting dreamier and more attractive.

9. Pretty and Painted


Draw inspiration from your decors for your menu like this watercolor-painted artwork. This is a great way to create a seamless theme for the affair, with complementing color and details, up to the littlest item.

10. Brilliantly Bordered


Create a beautiful contrast to your menu by using a printed background for your plain paper – something that will serve as its beautiful border. Use a wax seal to secure and voila, you’re ready to impress.

11. Feather and Leather


Who says these two contrasting elements don’t go together? Make your copper-themed menu extra dreamy with the addition of a leather name tag accentuated by feathers. Perfect for a romantic rustic affair.

12. Color Crush


Here’s a great way to make sure that your menu will stand out – use colors that complement your whole theme. This combination of handmade paper wrapped in soft fabric is simply peach-perfect!

13. Romantic Writings


Your menu should tell a story, like this perfectly-written one on a piece of handmade paper. Instead details in bullets, do it in paragraph form through romantic calligraphy. Your guests will surely love to read this one.

14. Favor Flavor


Welcome your guests with a sweet favor — with their name attached on it! This is a cool way to let them know their seat assignment and an efficient trick to give out your favors.

15. Spring String


Something refreshing? Try tying the name card to fruits (citrus for this one) for the ultimate spring or summer look. This makes a great plate decoration and table detail.

16. Fruity Flavor


A simple piece of paper attached to a cute arrangement of fruits and flowers? Why not! This makes a dainty and dreamy name card that your guests will surely adore. They can eat the fruits, too!

17. Ribbon Revelry


Ditch the paper and go for some romantic knots at bows using ribbons for your guests’ name. Hit two birds with one stone and tie your cutlery using the same material.

Modern Magic

Unexpected materials, textured papers, and unique presentation are definite must-haves for modern menu and name cards. A bold take on something supposed to be simple is a sure way to get your guests’ attention.

18. Treasure Chest


An appetizing treat is always appealing, especially when packaged beautifully like this one. A treasure chest of charm, a glass box can be used as your menu and goodie container. Now that’s multipurpose magic!

19. Leather Affair


Here’s a new take to menu booklets: leather-bound and lovely. Using unique materials in unexpected presentation will surely surprise your guests – especially when they see their imprinted name. Add a touch of color with some greenery for a wonderful contrast. There’s no better way to make them feel special.

20. Cute Clipboards


For something fun and funky, add a cute touch to your menu by using wooden boards with golden clips! Don’t forget to attach the name of your guest using small pieces of paper.

21. Topnotch Textile


Your event is a work of art, so why not complement it with wonderful and inspiring details like this fabric menu. Use it as your “canvas” to present the sumptuous and flavor meal that you have prepared for your esteemed guests.

22. Glitzy Geometry


The good thing about using plexi-glass for your table setting details, for your menu in particular, is that you can have fun with what shape you want it to come in. Plus, the clear color complements any theme – including the florals and tableware. Geometric designs are all the rage nowadays, and it’s a great idea to incorporate it in your table setting.

23. Luxe Label


Instead of writing the whole menu, why not show the food to your guests instead? Take this sumptuous dessert — just attach a witty label like “Eat Me!” to an elegant container and your guests will instantly dig in.

24. 3D Treat


Take name tags to a whole new level with 3D-printed name cutouts for your guests in chic fonts and modern color. Tie it to their napkin for an instant stylish holder. You can also let them bring their name tag home as a favor from your event.

25. Watercolor Wonder


Dainty detail like this piece of plexi-glass name tag with watercolor paint is all you need to add personality to your plate. You can play with the colors (like blue for the groom) or follow your event’s theme. Simply pretty!

Minimalist Move

You don’t need a lot to standout, that’s why minimalist menus and name cards are getting more popular. Put in the right element or two and you can instantly make a statement. Go with monochromes, plain stationery, and simple fonts and you’re all set.

26. Size and Styles


Different-sized stationery of muted colors, minimal text, and a simple black string to tie them all together – minimal effort to create a big impact. This style stands out in contrast with the black tableware and cutlery – a very smart and precise planning.

27. Brilliant Vellum


Keep your platescape clean with only sheet of printed vellum for your menu. Use a beautifully-designed plate as your background to create a stunning contrast. This fits modern celebrations and minimalist gatherings.

28. Monochrome Moment


Elegant affairs call for chic and simple menus of plain white paper. No need for loud colors or bold texts, let the simplicity shine through.

29. Gorgeous Glass


Clean, sleek, and utterly romantic – a glass menu makes a great minimalist addition to your table setting. Scribble in the text and use fresh florals as the background for a stunning see-through effect.

30. Fine Piece


Your menu doesn’t need to be in big piece of paper, a small handwritten parchment is enough. Add some shimmer by using metallic pen to pair with the cutlery and the neutral setting. A tiny strap of brown leather for name tags will complete the overall look.

Dreamy Di-Cuts

There are countless of ways you can get creative with your menu and name cards, including special executions like quirky shapes and cutouts. Adding your touch of creativity to this part of your event shows your guests that all of your details are carefully thought of.

31. Lovely Lace


You can play around with paper not just with its size and color, but also in its design. You can cut it in beautiful shapes to mimic certain objects like this bordered menu which gives out some Victorian era vibe. 

32. Shapes and Textures


Mixing a quirky-shaped menu with interestingly-textured linen makes a creative combo that will fit just about any occasion. Best to match the colors, too!

33. Standout Stationery


Nothing says personalized than a handwritten menu on a pretty-shaped stationery. When paper in dark tones, go with a metallic pen for the text to stand out. Lastly, introduce a pop of color by adding beautiful bloom.

34. Sassy Circle


Another material you can get creative with for your menu is wood. Sturdy and strong, you can shape it into almost anything. This round wood menu can be painted or printed on, too.

Big and Bold

One way to get your guests’ attention? Big and bold details, including the menu! This way, they can easily read the good stuff they will be served. And the best part? This will also serve as additional décor to your already beautiful venue.

35. Beauty and the Board


A cool way to present your menu? A big board to greet your guests as they arrive at the reception venue! With a large canvas, you can enumerate everything – from appetizer up to late night snack – and show what’s flavors and treats are in store for them. All eyes will definitely on this one.

36. Banner Blowout


If you’re not feeling wood, then go for something softer – a handwritten fabric banner. It’s light and fresh – perfect for indoor celebrations. It’s also easy to install and remove.

37. Rustic Board


Another execution for supersized menus is using separate planks instead of one big chunk of wood. Again, you can have it painted or printed with fun icons and images. To create a wonderful contrast, add a bunch for greens and florals for a winning look.

Nice and Natural

There are lots of materials you can use for your menu and name card including those from nature. Wood and leaves make a great background for these details due to their unique texture and color. There are also lots of shapes and variety to choose from, versatile indeed.

38. Loving Leaves


Tropical celebration? Go on theme with your menu by using natural materials like this banana leaf. The color is gorgeous, perfect for some metallic or light-colored text. It is also strong and easy to handle, no worries about it being ruined and torn as you write on it.

39. Great Greenery


Using natural materials like leaves is not just chic and stylish, it’s also sustainable and Earth-friendly as it’s biodegradable. There are lots of ample-sized leaves you can use for your menu, like this large tropical leaf with pretty calligraphy.

40. Nature’s Texture


If you’re not a fan of big leaves, there are smaller options you can use like calathea or monstera that can easily fit your plate. The added texture complements other tablescape elements like golden cutlery and crystal stemware – fits right in your tropical dreamland of an event.

41. Exquisitely Engraved


Yes, wood is also a natural material you can use for your nature-friendly celebration. An engraved wood menu fits perfectly for romantic rustic events or elegant and luxurious indoor affairs.

42. Marble Marvel


Color, texture, and some unique sass – that’s marble for you. This special stone is getting more and more popular for its aesthetics and utility. You can write or paint on it for names and menu, and even use it as weight for napkins, paper, and stationery.

Make the Best Out of Your Wedding!

If you find it too complicated to plan your wedding, hiring a professional to do the homework is the most practical option. As a destination wedding planner in Greece, Make Happy Memories is looking forward to helping you achieve your dream wedding! Contact us today.

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