Bridal Bling: Complete List of Accessories to Glam You Up on Your Big Day

Make Happy Memories Accessories Hat
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You have found the perfect dress, now it’s time to search for the perfect bling to complete your big day look! Brides may have their own different favorites and preferences but one thing’s for sure, there are wardrobe staples that should be present on your wedding day – hair accessories, veil, shoes, and even jewelries. These items instantly glam you up into a glowing and gorgeous bride.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the various types of accessories to incorporate in your look. Read on to find which ones suit your wedding theme and personal style.

Head-turning Treasures

Accessories to keep your hair glorious and gorgeous

One of the most noticeable part of your bridal look is your hair, so it’s recommended to take some time and plan the best way to accessorize it. Short of long, wavy or straight, there’s a hair piece for you.

1. Headband

A halo of happiness

Make Happy Memories Accessories Headband Featured
via Lena Rom on Instagram

This classic hair accessory is popular to brides for its versatility. There is a headband for any bridal look – from classic down to bohemian. It’s easily accessible, too, as it can be purchased from bridal boutiques, shopping centers, and even online. You can DIY, too!

A. Mesh

If you’re looking for a vintage look, a mesh headband is perfect – you’ll feel like a ‘50s goddess!

B. Feather

Another retro pick, a feather headband adds a unique touch to your outfit. You can rock this whether you’re working a vintage or bohemian look.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Feather
via Jannie Baltzer

C. Floral

Accentuate your locks with pretty floral perfect for outdoor and laid-back affairs. You can match your floral headband with your bouquet for a more cohesive finish.

D. Beaded

Make Happy Memories Accessories Beaded
via Liberty In Love

Simple yet stunning, beaded headbands are creative, with designs that can go from simple to intricate. If you have a love for crafts, you can make this a personal project before the wedding!

E. Metal

One of the most preferred due to versatility, metal headbands have a wide selection depending on design and material. You can go with plain ones or splurge it up with jewels, fancy stones, or peals.

F. Bow

Even a cute accessory like a bow headband can create a big difference in your overall look. You can also have fun with this as you get to decide how big your bow will be. Keep it simple with a small one or fun and quirky with a big and bold one.

G. Pearl

Pure and delicate, a pearl headband is the ideal match for the classic bride. It suits just about any gown and hairstyle. Simply pretty!

Make Happy Memories Accessories Pearl
via Brida La Boheme

Material: Metal with Embellishment
Price: $$ – $$$

2. Floral Crown

Freshness and perfection

Make Happy Memories Accessories Floral
via FLORATHÉRAPIE™ on Instagram

Highly popular nowadays, floral crowns are fresh, fab, and fashionable. You can get creative with your crown and can choose an assortment of blooms for a burst of colors or can go with a monofloral approach. You can also use greens instead of flowers for a more natural touch.

Material: Fresh Flowers

Price: $

3. Bobby Pins

Pretty as a pin

These mall yet stylish hair accessories are not just pretty but also functional, especially when you want to keep hair out of the way. You can choose various designs that will suit your style, too.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Bobby Pins
via SIBO Designs on Instagram

Material: Metal with Embellishment

Price: $ – $$

4. Tiara

Fit for a princess

Make Happy Memories Accessories Tiara
via Viktoria Novak on Instagram

Tiaras have always been a favorite with their classic and princess appeal that make a bride simply stand out. Tiaras can go from really extravagant made with precious tones or simply made with rhinestones and beads. Whatever your style and budget is, there’s a tiara that will suit you.

Material: Metal with Jewels

Price: $$ – $$$

5. Hair Comb

The partner for your hair

Hair combs are style staples for classic and sophisticate bride. These combs can go from simple to ultra-glamorous, depending on the embellishment. It’s versatile too and can be worn for different hairstyles.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Comb
via Brides & Hairpins

Material: Metal with Embellishment

Price: $$

6. Turban

Wrapped and wonderful

Make Happy Memories Accessories Turban
via Paula-Le Touquet on Instagram

Old world glamour meets modern woman with a turban headpiece on your wedding. This unconventional accessory choice will surely give you a one-of-a-kind look on your wedding day.

Material: Fabric

Price: $ – $$

7. Hair Clip

Cute and chic

Hair clips are handy, chic, and elegant, that’s why most brides choose this as their go-to wedding accessory. Pearls, beads, gems – lots of varieties to choose from.

Material: Metal with Embellishment

Price: $ – $$

8. Hair Chain

Chains of romance

Feel like a bohemian goddess as you walk down the aisle with a sparkling hair chain. This unique accessory will help you make a stylish statement on your wedding day.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Hair Chain
via Sara Gabriel

Material: Metal with Embellishment

Price: $$

9. Halo

Angelic awesomeness

Exude an innocent aura with a halo on your hair. This accessory instantly creates a dreamy and angelic bridal look.

Material: Metal with Embellishment

Price: $$

10. Hair Vine

Leaves of luxury

Make Happy Memories Accessories Hair Vine
via Metal Flaque

Long and luscious locks? Ditch the updo and highlight your hair with a hair vine instead. Go with a thick braid or let your hair beautifully flow freely.

Material: Metal with Embellishment

Price: $$

11. Olive Leaves

Leave them in awe

If you love nature and you’re for all things fresh and natural, an olive wreath is for you. It’s a great way to show you delicate and down-to-earth side.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Olives
via Magnolia Rouge on Instagram

Material: Fresh Leaves

Price: $

12. Beret / Fascinator

Fascinate with fashion

If you’re an artsy bride, adding a personal touch to your look is a must-do. Instead of the usual accessory, try on a beret for a stylish, standout, and spunky look. If you’re after a royal aura, a fascinator with a unique design will complete your wedding day wardrobe.

Material: Fabric

Price: $ – $$

13. Hat

Hottie in a hat

Make Happy Memories Accessories Hat
via Alexandra Vonk

Make a statement on your wedding day by arriving in a hat! This is a unique and fun approach to your bridal look that will surely surprise your guests.

Material: Fabric or Leather

Price: $ – $$

14. Veil

Veil-y stunning and beautiful 

A bride’s look is not complete without her veil. Not just an accessory, the veil represents symbolizes innocence and purity – brides from all walks of life possess. Finding the right veil is does not end with how pretty it is, it’s also making sure that it matches your whole look, especially your dress.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Veil Featured
via Jenny Packham Bridal on Instagram

A. Birdcage

Perfect fit for short wedding dresses, a birdcage is a cropped veil that exudes a cool vintage vibe for the retro bride.

B. Blusher

Make Happy Memories Accessories Blusher Veil
via Dreamers and Lovers

Be a blushing bride with a blusher veil on your wedding! An all-time favorite, a blusher is usually bust-length, just enough to conceal the face, and made of soft tulle.

C. Mantilla

Circular in shape, a mantilla veil is made from a combination of tulle and lace. A romantic bride’s dream, it has an old-world appeal that never goes out of style. It is usually worn framing (not covering) the face.

D. Tiered

Be a blushing bride with a blusher veil on your wedding! An all-time favorite, a blusher is usually bust-length, just enough to conceal the face, and made of soft tulle.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Tiered
via Carolina Herrera

E. Fingertip

If there’s one veil style that suits just about any wedding dress, it would be the fingertip (because yes, the length touches the fingers!). Just like the mantilla veil, fingertip veils are made with tulle and lace.

F. Ballerina

If you want something long but not too long, ballerina style is for you. It can go from knee to ankle, and it usually made with soft tulle for a dreamy effect.

G. Cathedral

Make Happy Memories Accessories Cathedral Veil
via Handmade by Sara Kim

It’s go big or go home when it comes to cathedral veils. It goes well with grand gowns and the overall look is fit for a princess. These veils can go anywhere from ten to more than twenty feet.

H. Elbow

If you’re welling a ball gown on your big day, it’s best to complement it with an elbow veil. This works as the veil’s length elegantly ends where the skirt begins.

Material: Tulle or Lace

Price: $$ – $$$

Beauty and her Bling

Jewels to keep you shining and sparkling

One of the finishing touches to your wedding day look are your jewelries, helping you shine and stand out above the rest. Dazzle your guests with gems or go for unconventional designs, just make sure that your jewels match not just the rest of your accessories but your whole bridal wardrobe.

15. Earrings

Glow from ear to ear 

You will be smiling from ear to ear when you see how gorgeous you look with the perfect pair of earrings. They don’t need to be flashy, the just need to complement your overall look.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Jewelry Feature
via Naturae Design on Instagram

A. Chandelier

These statement earrings are ultra-stylish that come in interesting shapes and embellishments. There’s a chandelier earring for all types of brides, from classic and chic down to boho and beautiful. For a more formal celebration, you can go with a diamond studded one or for a more casual affair, a beaded chandelier earring will do the trick.

B. Hoop

Make Happy Memories Accessories Hoop
via Davie and Chiyo

This timeless piece will surely put in additional sparkle to your style as you walk down the aisle. Effortlessly elegant and simple, hoop earrings match just about any gown that’s why it is one of the all-time favorites.

C. Tassel

Tassel earrings are funky and ideal for the artsy bride. You can make your own statement by incorporating beads or crystals, depending on your overall wedding day look.

D. Stud

Simple and classic, stud earrings are always a favorite as they fit just about any look. But don’t worry that you won’t get to standout with a low-key accessory like this, dazzle them with a pair of diamond studs and sparkle all throughout the night.

Make-Happy Memories Accessories Stud
via Bride La Boheme

E. Ear Cuffs

Not your ordinary ear accessory, cuffs are for daring brides who would like to make a statement on their big day. These earrings are brilliant, bold, and beautiful, just like the bride who’s wearing it.

F. Mismatched

Make Happy Memories Accessories Mismatched
via The Gloss

Add a fun twist to your bridal look by donning a pair of mismatched earrings! It can be two of your favorite pieces, heirloom jewelry, or your latest purchase. The quirkier, the better!

G. Linear

Linear earrings add an elegant finish to one’s big day look. The simple line of jewels, pearls, or even chain are enough to add sparkle to an already glowing bride.

Material: Embellished Metal

Price: $$ – $$$

16. Necklace

Your strings of charm

You can go with a bare on your big day, but one way to radiate is by wearing a beautiful and sparking necklace for a graceful glamour.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Jewelry
via Elizabeth Anne Designs

A. Choker

Make Happy Memories Accessories Choker
via Jenny Packham Bridal on Instagram

Exude some Victorian vibe with this timeless piece. Chokers are pretty and intricate, usually crafted with beads and crystals and finished with a soft ribbon to be tied at the back for a cute bow.

B. Collar

Up your bridal look with a charming collar necklace. Unlike a choker that fits the neck, a collar necklace lies flat at the base of your throat.

C. Pendant

If you have heirloom jewelry you want to incorporate in your look, using it as pendant is the key. Pendant necklaces are timeless and romantic. You also get to choose which or what type jewel – gems, crystals, or pearls – to use.

D. Locket

Lovely lockets are statement necklaces you can wear on your wedding. The locket can be a family jewel or one that bears you and your partner’s initial. You can also hand this down to future kids which they can also use for their wedding. So romantic!

E. Lei

Yes, you can use fresh flowers, too! Outdoor or beach brides can sport stunning and colorful leis on their wedding. Best to match it with your crown or bouquet!

F. Bib

Bold and brilliant, bib necklaces are big on details and embellishments and come in different colors. From beads to crystals down to precious gems, you can never go wrong with this kind of accessory especially if you have a low-neckline gown.

G. Pearl

Pearls are pure and timeless, just like the classic bride. These lustrous gems come in different colors like pink, purple, yellow, and green and fit just about any bridal style. An elegant string of white pearls can dramatically improve a simple bridal look into something stylish and stunning.

H. Esclavage

These intricately designed and detailed pieces are not your usual necklace. Fit for a bohemian queen, esclavage necklaces are made of three strands of either gems, pearls, or beads.

I. Y-Shaped

Curvy brides rejoice, here’s the perfect necklace for you! It’s edgy and has the perfect silhouette to complement your figure. It goes well the deep-v dresses and halter tops.

Material: Embellished Metal
Price: $$ – $$$

17. Bracelet and Anklet

Add some circles of sparkle

Make Happy Memories Accessories Anklet and Bracelet

And while we’re at it, you should never forget to accessorize those delicate wrists and ankles. Bracelets will give you sparkle and spunk as you walk down the aisle. And just because they’re hidden (in case you’re wearing a long gown) doesn’t mean your ankles don’t deserve their own bling. There are a number of ways you can pull this off with interesting pieces that are not just fashionable but also unique.

A. Bangle

Bangles are fun, funky, and fashionable. Usually worn in multiples, bangles come in simple gold or silver or are embellished with gems and stones. It’s especially popular and a must-have accessory for Indian brides.

B. Cuffs

Bridal cuffs are luxurious and chic, embellished with crystals or breads and finished with a soft ribbon to tie around your wrist. An ongoing trend right now, brides forego bouquets and use floral cuffs instead.

C. Charm

Charm bracelets are romantic and personal. You can add in as many charms as you want, something significant for you and your big day. What’s good about this is that charm bracelets can be used for daily wear, too!

D. Floral

A fresh take to bracelets, going floral means that you have a colorful ring of blooms around your wrist, adding a vibrant touch to your look. The sweet scent is also a plus!

E. Shell

Be a sea goddess on your wedding with a pair of shell anklet and bracelet. These laid-back pieces are cheap yet chic. You can also DIY this using shells from you and your partner’s favorite beaches. Made with love!

Material: Embellished Metal or Flowers
Price: $ – $$$

Fairy Tale Fashion

Pieces to make you look pretty, perfect, and flawless on your big day

18. Gloves

Something fit for a queen

Make Happy Memories Accessories Gloves Featured
via Carine’s Bridal Atelier on Instagram

Make your look totally complete with a pair of delicate gloves. There are no strict rules about wearing gloves, whether your celebration is formal or casual, just make sure that they are of the same shade as your dress.

A. Opera

Simply timeless, opera gloves add elegance and style to your wedding day wardrobe. These gloves go well with strapless or short-sleeved gowns and dresses. In terms of length, they usually end just above the elbows.

B. Elbow

Simple and fuss-free, elbow gloves easily fits the minimalist and sophisticated bridal look. They add style but don’t steal the focus from your stunning gown. When worn, elbow gloves fit just below the elbows.

C. Wrist 

A classy finish to your bridal ensemble, wrist gloves are the perfect pair to your long-sleeved gown. They can come in plain or embellished satin or in a much detailed and delicate lace.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Wrist Gloves
via Dean Alexander on Instagram

D. Fingerless

Fingerless gloves are sassy and stylish and can be worn all throughout the fair. What’s awesome about fingerless pairs is that you don’t need to remove them during the ring exchange. It is also versatile as you can wear one either in opera, elbow, or wrist length.

Material: Satin or Lace

Price: $ – $$

19. Belt/Sash

The figure of perfection

Make Happy Memories Accessories Belt Featured
via Style Me Pretty on Instagram

One wedding accessory that sometimes gets forgotten is the belt or sash. Although it’s best to remember that over-accessorizing can ruin a great look, adding a simple detail like the sash can do wonders to a plain wardrobe. The best way to pick the right belt is by placing it at the bust line to check which one suits your torso best.

A. Ribbon or Fabric

A simple silk belt refines a bridal look. This fuss-free accessory is plain but once worn create a beautiful silhouette. Bring it up a notch by adding bling such as a brooch.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Ribbon
via Jenny Packham Bridal on Instagram

B. Pearl

Go fancy with your dress and wear it with pearl. If you have a heavy upper torso, a simple string of this belt can complement your figure. Just make sure to not fasten it too tightly to avoid discomfort as you celebrate your special day.

C. Bejeweled 

Make Happy Memories Accessories Bejeweled
via Jenny Packham Bridal on Instagram

Mix up a rather plain gown with a bejeweled belt for a sparkling look! You can go with a preferred texture, be it beads, crystals, and raffia florals.

D. Floral

Fresh or fabric, floral belts are cool and chic. If you want to add a natural and lush touch to your dress, go with fresh blooms that complement your dress. If you want to go pretty traditional, a fabric flower can do the trick.

Material: Embellished Fabric, Ribbon, of Fresh Flowers

Price: $ – $$

Sweet and Sultry Statement

Sexy all through the night

Just because they can’t be seen doesn’t mean you don’t need to give them attention. Add a boost of confidence with sexy and intricate undergarments to spice up your wedding outfit.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Undergarment Featured
via Daphne Newman on Instagram

19. Garter

Always a great catch

Make Happy Memories Accessories Garter
via SIBO Designs on Instagram

Considered as a bride’s good luck charm. The main function of your garter (aside from the tradition of groom removing it) is to actually hold your stockings in place. It’s best to place it not too low to ensure comfort all throughout the celebration. Since it won’t really be visible to everyone, you may choose your own set that fits your style.

20. Corset

Finding the perfect figure

Of course, you’d want to highlight your figure and get rid of unwanted bulges on your wedding day and the best way to do that is by wearing a corset. To pick the perfect fit for you, make sure that it is comfortable and made of breathable material like spandex. This is a great outfit idea for your boudoir shoot.

21. Lingerie

Sexy and sweet

Head straight to your honeymoon feeling confident and sexy with the right lingerie. Again, just because none of the guests won’t see it doesn’t mean you won’t put in too much effort. Wearing a beautiful and comfortable underwear gives instant confidence boost, something you’ll definitely need for the most special day of your life. From luxurious lace pieces to tempting bodysuits, you will never run out of options. Another great idea: wear this on your boudoir shoot!

Make Happy Memories Accessories Lingerie
via Mes Petites Dentelles on Instagram

Material: Lace or Satin

Price: $ – $$

A Bagful of Beauty

Don’t contain your happiness, just your essentials

22. Purse

Everything’s right in the bag

Make Happy Memories Accessories Purse Featured
via Martha Stewart Weddings on Instagram

You would want to bring along some essentials on your wedding so it’s best to have a small yet fashionable pouch for all your needs. You can have one made to match your wedding gown or use a favorite one with sentimental value – your wedding, your rules.

A. Box

If you want to keep the bling and sparkle going, an embellished box clutch will be the right fit. It has enough space to fit all the things that you need and the right gems to keep you shining all night.

B. Round

Handy and sophisticated, round bags are easy to carry around and won’t wear you down. You can choose one with a simple design or one that will dazzle all the guests.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Bag
via Fatima Ilay on Instagram

C. Embellished

Crystal, beads, pearls, embroidery — there are a number of ways to embellish your bridal bag. Make sure that the color and style fit your overlook look and to not over accessorize.

D. Bow

Sweet and romantic, a bow bag is a fantastic and feminine accessory to complement your outfit. The bow can come in simple minimalist size or big and bold, depending on your preference.

E. Pouch

This is a classic choice for brides everywhere as pouches are light, easy to handle, and has a lot of space for all your personal stuff. Pouches come in different designs, with pretty pearl handles or sleek satin ribbons.

F. Fringe

Funky and fashionable, fringe bags are perfect for the modern bride. The fringes add a magnificent texture to the accessory – something that will make your guests take a second look.

G. Brass

Cool and chic, bohemian brides love brass bags. They are unique and one-of-a-kind, something that complements a rustic and laid-back celebration.

Material: Leather, Metal, or Fabric

Price: $ – $$$

That Cinderella charm

Shoes that you won’t leave behind

23. Shoes

For a wonderful walk down the aisle

Picking the right shoes is just as important as choosing the right dress – it has to be stylish, comfortable, and the perfect size. There’s always “the one” that will make you feel like a fairy tale princess once you have worn it. Always remember that comfort should come first when picking the right pair. You wouldn’t want blisters and bruises ruining your night.

A. Pumps

Make Happy Memories Accessories Pumps
via Once Upon A Shoe on Instagram

Elegant and timeless, pumps are bride favorites for their simplicity and no-fuss function. The give you the additional height, too. Pumps come in different designs like open-toed, stilettos, sling-back, and wedge.

B. Flats

If you want to feel ultra-comfortable on your wedding, flats are for you. Great for outdoor weddings so you won’t worry about heels getting stuck in mud or sand. Plus, you can freely move and dance without worrying about tired and achy feet later.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Flats
via Bella Belle on Instagram

C. Strappy

Make Happy Memories Accessories Strappy
via Jimmy Choo on Instagram

Strappy shoes are super sexy, the ideal match for a seductive bride. Straps can go from cute ankle-length and can go high up to your knees. They are great for both formal and casual affairs – fun and flirty!

D. Boots

A lasting romance calls for a pair of hardy boots. Be it vintage Victorian, modern and luxurious, or cowgirl-inspired, boots are a cool shoe choice for your big day.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Boots
via Gianvito Rossi on Instagram

E. Sandals

A beach bride needs a dependable sandals for her special day. They are easy, fun, and laid-back and are the perfect fit for casual outdoor affairs. Something that will keep your feet comfy and relaxed the whole day.

F. Barefoot Sandals

Yes, you can go barefoot on your wedding! Be a boho goddess and adorn your feet with barefoot sandals – hip accessories designed with stones, lace, or crystal – something to add sparkle and shine as you walk down the aisle.

Material: Embellished or Plain Leather, Fabric

Price: $ – $$$

Invisible Inspirations

Radiate from the inside

There are other bridal “accessories” that you should not overlook when preparing for the most romantic day of your life. They give instant boost of confidence and instantly uplifts your mood and spirit.

24. Perfume

Make Happy Memories Accessories Perfume
via Caity Kramer on Instagram

Spray your favorite perfume before you walk down the aisle and surround yourself with a cloud of sweet scent. To make the smell last longer, apply petroleum jelly on your pulse points before spraying.

25. Confidence

A confident bride is a beautiful bride. There’s no reason to be nervous on your wedding day as your wedding planner will make sure that everything will go according to plan. For bumps along the way, just dance it off and enjoy the night away surrounded with the love of your life, your friends, and family.

26. Your Brightest Smile

Walk down the aisle with your brightest smile and radiate love and positive aura on your big day. A bride’s smile can light up a room, so don’t forget to flash those pearly whites as you walk towards your forever.

Make Happy Memories Accessories Smile
via Clara Gortázar on Instagram

Make the Best Out of Your Wedding!

As a destination wedding planner in Greece, Make Happy Memories is looking forward to helping you achieve your dream wedding! Contact us today.

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