Romantic Arch Inspirations for Your Fairytale Wedding

There are a number of ways on how you can get creative with decors on your big day. From centerpieces and novelty displays down to hanging accents, the options are nearly endless. What we love most though are wedding arches. These romantic details instantly elevate the aesthetic value of any nuptials.

What we also love about wedding arbors is their versatility. You can virtually use them at any venue – indoors or outdoors – or for any wedding style – from rustic to bohemian, something fits. How do you top that, right? In this article, we have listed down our favorite wedding arch ideas which you can also try on your wedding day. Read on to find out which ones top our list!

1. Dreamy Draperies

Make Happy Memories Wedding Arch Drape

Here to bust the myth that fabrics are boring, draperies add a dreamy touch to the whole affair. Make sure to use flowy fabrics for this type of wedding arch as stiff ones are harder to style or fold. Satin, Chiffon, and Charmeuse are the top fabric choices. If you are going to use drapes together with lighting, make sure to choose a fire retardant one. Better to be safe than sorry at your wedding!

2. Gorgeous Greens

Greens are versatile and will never go out of style. They are refreshing to the eyes and have a natural and relaxing effect. Leaves and foliage are popular for wedding arches as they go well with just about any floral and even as is. If you want a tropical vibe, use a mix of ferns, palm, and monstera. If you’re after a rustic and organic finish, try Greek eucalyptus, olive leaves, and even salal.

3. Wonder Wall

Make Happy Memories Wedding Arch Wall

You don’t actually need to DIY everything! Try to find a venue with a decorated wall – can be painted or natural – and use it to your advantage. Some locations already have a wall covered in greens or flowers, and you can include this spot in your wedding reception or ceremony. Saves you time, money, and effort!

4. Pretty Pampas

Pampas grass is getting more and more popular not just for wedding centerpieces but also for wedding arbors. This beautiful ornamental grass comes in different colors, from white to light pink, and fits just about any wedding style. It’s widely used in beach nuptials but is also ideal for bohemian and desert-themed celebrations. This trendy grass is also easy to handle and shape into any design like round, heart-shaped, or a regular arc.

5. Lantern Love Affair

lantern wedding arch make happy memories
via Weddingomania

Another chic idea is to use lanterns for your wedding arch. What’s great is that be it daytime or nighttime, these decors look equally gorgeous. You can either put in lights and candles or go for floral accents that suit your motif.

6. Sweet String Lights

Add a soft illumination to your evening wedding by using a string of fairy lights as your ceremony arch. Imagine exchanging vows under a soft yellow glow – so romantic! Jake sure to use a metal or a fire-proof frame or backdrop to avoid accidents.

7. Whimsy Wood

Give your outdoor wedding a rustic feel by using old barn doors or pieces of vintage wood as your wedding canopy. You can accentuate it with flowers, bottles, novelties, and lanterns to complete the look.

8. Flower Power

floral wedding arch make happy memories

The most popular of wedding arches, you can never go wrong with flowers. You may choose a monofloral one or go big with various types. Hydrangeas are most preferred for their versatility and varying colors. You can also go with roses, peonies, and just about any bloom you favor. Add greens for an organic and refreshing touch.

9. Stylish Shell

Go on-theme at your beach wedding by choosing a seashell arch. Visit your favorite crafts store and do it yourself or ask your stylist and wedding planner to scout for the shell decors that you like. To make it more authentic, use driftwood as your frame.

10. Crystal Charms

Make Happy Memories Arch Ideas Crystals
via The Sweetest Occasion

Add a little sparkle to your big day by using crystals for your wedding arch. Ideal for luxurious celebrations, crystals upgrade any venue with their elegance and sophistication. Add floral accents or a crystal chandelier to make the look even more romantic.

11. Awesome Orchids

orchid wedding arch make happy memories
via Bridal Hotlist  

Pure and simple, orchids make a romantic canopy for unforgettable weddings. They are perfect for both outdoor and indoor events. Because of their light color, they can be easily styled with other florals and greenery.

12. Ribbon Romance

Make Happy Memories Arch Ideas Ribbon
via Popsugar

Go artistic and say “I do” under colorful ribbons on your wedding day. A unique approach to arches, using ribbons is ideal for light, quirky, and fun nuptials. You can also style them with fabric, paper poms, flowers, and lanterns, depending on the ambiance that you’re after. Very versatile!

13. Chic Chandelier

Elevate your arch by adding a chic chandelier! It instantly gives an elegant touch to an outdoor and rustic wedding. You can also add in some greenery and blooms like roses and hydrangea, or even succulents!

14. Topnotch Twigs

Have a woodland wonderland wedding and complete it with a twig canopy. It has a wonderful texture and an organic feel that will wow your guests with its simplicity and style. Add a few floral accents or illuminate it with fairy lights. Any of these approaches will surely be magical!

15. Divine Dreamcatchers

Make Happy Memories Arch Ideas Dream Catcher
via The Little Branch

It’s going to be a stylish and blissful bohemian wedding when you add a dream catcher arbor to your big day! Complete the look with some pampas grass, florals, and complementing ribbons. Simply dreamy!

16. Bamboo Bliss

Another favorite for beach weddings, a bamboo canopy is simple but can easily be styled into something chic. It’s also easy to pull off – just drape some fabrics or add in some flowers and you’re ready to say I do![

17. Very Fine Vines

Complete your greenery-themed wedding by going for a vine wedding arch! The most popular are ivy vines because of their beautiful vibrant green color and unique shape but you can use any vine of your choice.

18. Framed and Flowery

Go with an industrial look by using a metal frame for your wedding arch. Paint it white to go well with any type of floral. Add some lanterns, flowers, or lights to make the modern look dreamier and more romantic.

19. Love Triangle

Add a modern twist to your wedding arbor by using a triangle-shaped one! You can design it based on your wedding theme. If it’s bohemian, add in some vintage details like lamps and bottles at the base. If you’re marrying by the beach, put in some pampas grass and flowers. Get creative – your wedding, your rules!

20. Macramé Moment

Another idea for a bohemian wedding, macramé’s awesome and stylish retro vibe makes it a great arch décor. You can also re-use this as a home décor after, something to remind you of the most special day of your life as a couple.

21. Booky Bride

Show your quirky side and your love of fiction by using books as your wedding arch. Yes, books! This idea suits bibliophile couples who want to infuse their hobby to the ceremony. Scout for old books from your collection or buy some at cheap prices and ask your stylist to create this arch for you.

Make Happy Memories Arch Ideas Books
via Brit Co.
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