Guest Post Submission Guidelines

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Do you wish to become a contributor? Don’t hesitate to express your interest using our contact page .  Just send us an email explaining you want to submit content and suggest one or more topics you’d like to write about. 


The Rules


  • The content needs to be original ! We will check and if we detect plagiarism, your submission will be rejected. You should not use the same content elsewhere. 
  • It should be relevant to our niche ! Wedding-related, Destination events, Baptisms etc.
  • English language, well written, high quality !  The quality of the material should be comparable to the rest of the articles of our blog
  • Good Length ! You should aim for at least 600-800 words. If you can do 2000 words or more, it’s even better, as this will increase considerably the probability for your article to rank high with search engines. 
  • Careful with the External Links ! The external links are ok and we do allow DoFollow links in the text body, but they should be pointing to content related to the article and ideally to the wedding niche in general. Links to sites of questionable and controversial nature are not allowed (e.g. 18+, porn, violence etc)
  • Keep the number of external links low ! As a general rule of thumb, you should not have more than 2-3 links per 800 words. 
  • Royalty-free Photos ! It’s probably better if you leave the visuals to us. We own the rights to a big stock of professional photography and we can enrich your content with images that will match the aesthetic style of the brand. If you do need to include specific photos, please make sure you have the legal rights to use them online. You need to explicitly state in our email communication that you take full responsibility of any copyright concerns. 
  • Author intro. Don’t forget to include how you want us to mention the author, the text snippet that would say something like ” this is a guest-post, written by …  ” 
  • Share your new article ! This one is optional, but you should share all this creative effort with your audience, use your social media, link back to it from your own blogs. We will also promote high quality articles in our Instagram and other social channels. 

Don’t hesitate, use this opportunity to promote your ideas, your brand and gain exposure to our audience. Submit your post today!


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