An Enchanting Sunset Wedding in Athens

Envisioning a magical atmosphere for their big day, Stephanie and Antonios knew that this vibrant resort in Athenian Riviera is the best backdrop for their dream wedding. Through the natural beauty of Greece and the creative efforts of the event planning team, the couple believed that they will soon savor the beauty of turning their imaginations into reality! Of course, we didn’t let them down.

Photo Credits: Anestis Papakonstantinou

The Much-Awaited Union

When two people love each other, no distance or excuses can bring them apart. Stephanie is an American bride and Antonios is a Greek groom who both decided that they want to tie the knot and be together for the rest of their lives.

With coral peonies and kumquat fruits as a theme, this couple dedicated the 18th of July 2019 to say I Do and to unite their loved ones from all over the world. All the involved people were looking forward to this union so preparations were made early on this day!

In Case you Get Cold Feet: These statement socks add a humorous detail to the groom’s preparation.

From a daylight diva into the star of the night: Stephanie decided her footwear with the consideration of maximizing her comfort. The elegant wedge is a great accent for the formal ceremony while the sparkly sneakers is a great alternative for partying through the night!

Isn’t she lovely? Stephanie looked divine with her fine-beaded wedding gown. The groom and the guests will certainly be pleased when they see this undeniable beauty!

Dainty Details: Aligning with the overall theme, this Polaroid booth was mainly composed of floral-designed signage, calligraphic guest book, and strategically-placed kumquats.

Fascinating Favors: Sourced from the farms of Greece, these Mastiha and olive oil bottles proved that practical favors can still look fancy!

The Religious Ceremony

When you combine the natural beauty of Greece, the blending motif decorations, and the atmosphere of love, the perfect setup for unforgettable memories is created. When you clothe this amalgamation with the golden color of sunset as a finishing touch, magical moments take place. Achieving this coalescence was one of our main goals for Stephanie and Antonios’ big day.

The wonderful couple believed that their dream wedding can be turned into an exquisite reality. Owing to this, we ensured that every aspect of the event planning and preparation were in accordance with their vision.

With 90 expected guests in consideration, the venue’s garden which overlooks the Aegean sea was turned into a utopia of love and celebration!

To maximize the beauty of the ceremony area, we decorated this garden without overpowering its au naturel charm.

After the team’s preparation efforts, the completed setup radiated a quixotic aura with its gorgeous wedding arch, plush couple seats, and white tiffany chairs. Among all these, the most notable feature is none other than the floral arch which is composed of anthuriums, coral peonies, and greeneries.

No Cold Feet: There’s no need for quirky socks to warm Antonio’s feet. After all, he’s really looking forward to start his new journey with his future wife!

Look who’s patiently waiting for the entrance of his queen!

Just a few minutes after Antonios’ early arrival, the guests started to pour in the venue. And oh, let’s not forget to mention the adorable way of their entrance! Who else loves this vintage-inspired golf carts?

The Buzz of Excitement: Just like every other wedding, the groom and the guests were really looking forward to witness Stephanie as she walks in the aisle. So without further ado, here she goes!

Antonios can’t keep the overflowing joy to himself when he finally saw his bride walking in the aisle.

Who can blame him, anyway?

The Beauty of Religious Ceremony: The traditions of this holy matrimony were carefully and intricately harmonized.

United as One: After observing all the traditions of their religious ceremony, Stephanie and Antonios were finally announced as husband and wife. We’re so happy for these two!

The Vibrant Reception

Just like the ceremony area, the reception venue was set in a garden with a picturesque view of Aegean. To be in parallel with the overall wedding theme, we enlaced the banquet area with more accent of bright pinks, corals, and greens.

Athenian Magic: Nature is certainly the perfect venue to celebrate love. Aphrodite, Hera, and Poseidon were all pleased.

The Couple’s Table: Just like every other table, the one for Stephanie and Antonios were decorated with a floral arrangement of anthuriums, peonies, greeneries, kumquat fruits, and vuvuzela garden roses. However, this table was made special out of all the others through the festive and lovely ornaments in the couple’s chairs.

As the mighty sun kissed the horizon, the banquet area was filled with the dreamy and golden glow of the artificial lighting setup. Lanterns illuminate the private beach nearby, candles romantically lit the tables, and hanging fairy lights twinkled like stars above the reception venue.

It’s Time to Party! As twilight turned to dusk, the venue is getting more and more filled with the anticipated party atmosphere!

Family Bonds: Stephanie officially became Antonios’ queen but her father will never stop treating her like his little princess.

The Couple’s First Dance: With their favorite song playing on the background, Stephanie and Antonios looked so happy while being together on the dance floor. 

The reception venue was filled with higher dose of Hellenic tradition when Greek dancers performed for their intermission numbers. These talented performers impressed the guests with their undeniable grace and dynamic energy in presenting Greek folk dances such as Sirtaki and Tsamiko.

It all happened in one day but the memories of this day will last forever.

We were so delighted to see the couple and their guests having fun all throughout the length of the celebration. This day and night were filled with beautiful emotions and the pair were not afraid to show the depth of their love and gratitude!

As for the wedding planning team, we were just so happy and at peace with the extraordinary results of our efforts. Witnessing Stephanie and Antonios in their most blissful selves inspired us to continue doing our best in what we do. This celebration also encouraged us to incite more wondrous moments and delightful memories with the future clients that we will work with! Congratulations lovebirds!