Modern Wedding in Athens

For their wedding, our couple, Joelle and Oliver, wanted to find a modern venue with character and a fresh, authentic feel just like their personalities! From the get go, they were really involved in the venue research process as they wanted to ensure that it would be just like they imagined! In the end, whilst exploring Athens, they decided that getting married in an urban environment with the view of the amazing Acropolis was the perfect fit for them!

The evening started with the symbolic ceremony which took place under the neon sign that perfectly described how they feel about each other: “Perfect together”. Their vows were moving and touched everyone’s heart, it was a magical moment!

Gazarte Wedding, Make Happy Memories

The decorations were modern and elegant with authentic touches. The tables were long and rectangular and the vases on them were different sizes in order to create an interesting landscape. The flower arrangements were made of tropical and wild flowers and they were multi-coloured with green and red being the two protagonists!

The wedding photographer was Dinos Cottrell who captured the beauty of the evening as well as the positive vibes and fun perfectly! The couple had guests from all over the world joining them for their big day and everyone had a blast! It was definitely a night of Making Happy Memories and we were surely glad to having met this lovely couple, help them make their dream wedding a reality and be a part of this fantastic wedding!