Modern Wedding in Athens

If a carefree and casual wedding is your vibe, this blithesome and quirky gallery is for you.

For their big day, our couple, Joelle and Oliver, wanted to find a modern venue with character and a fresh, authentic feel just like their personalities! From the get-go, they were really involved in the venue research process as they wanted to ensure that it would be just like they imagined. In the end, whilst exploring Athens, they decided that getting married in an urban environment with the view of the amazing Acropolis was the perfect fit for them! Thanks to Dinos Cottrell (the photographer), who documented all the highlights of this wonderful celebration of love.

Oliver to Forever: With his best man on his side, Oliver prepared early for his big day. Look how excited he is!

No Rules- Just Fun! From her wedding dress to her Craspedia bouquet, Joelle proved that she is not your conventional bride. Instead of focusing on the execution of wedding traditions, her priority for her big day is to have fun with her groom and with her 100 guests.

If the groom can wear his favorite sneaks, who says that the bride can’t?

Dress Deets: To show off her vibrant personality, Joelle opted to include some colors in her wedding look. The skirt of her dress is enlaced with see-through textiles with the intention of showing the green details of the gown’s inner fabric. To finish the look, she selected an arrangement of yellow Craspedia for her bridal bouquet.

The First Look

After the bride and groom’s preparation, it’s finally time for the first look! When they finally saw each other, we totally loved their authentic and blissful reactions!

The Symbolic Ceremony

With the amalgamation of breathtaking Acropolis views, the astonishing olive industrial venue, and the overflowing energy of the couple, Joelle and Oliver’s wedding became an event that will take your breath away!

This couple might not prefer the traditional deets, but their big day was nothing short of amazing. Instead of using a wedding arch, they said their I Do’s under the neon sign that says “Better Together“. This two-word adage happened to be their motto for their big day.

To commemorate this adage, they even ditched the traditional walk in the aisle by entering the ceremony together!

Joelle and Oliver effortlessly filled the venue with merriment just by being themselves! Who wouldn’t be amazed by this adorable couple?

Together Forever: After their amusing antics and humorous wedding vows, Joelle and Oliver were finally announced as husband and wife. We are so glad for these two!

The Reception

Who would have thought that it’s possible to have olive trees in an indoor and modern Athenian venue?

The irony of the natural and urban combination of this venue has certainly captured the hearts of this couple and the reception output proved that they made the right decision. From the vibrant decorations to the trees enlaced with fairy lights, the extraordinary outcome and the wonderful details of this banquet area will surely blow your mind!

Visual Seating Chart: With the fancy calligraphy of guests’ names and the two rectangles that represents the tables, this seating chart is a playful and straightforward idea for leading the guests towards their right seating places.

Jars and Florals: The tables were decorated with quaint and colorful centerpieces of vibrant flowers in bottles. The arrangements were composed of astilbe, eryngium, fire crackers lathyrus, solidago, and proteas florals.

Fancy Favors: To ensure that the wedding favors will be useful for the guests, the couple opted for jar candles with Yasmin scent. Perfect for home use!

Noteworthy Name Cards: Joelle and Oliver are so non-traditional that they even ditched the usual paper version of name cards! Who would have thought that these wooden clips can look adorable with written guest names?

The Mirthful Celebration

One of the factors that set this wedding apart is the atmosphere of unending glee and energy! The banquet area was continuously filled with laughter and amusing conversations between the couple and their guests. After all, Joelle and Oliver’s main focus for the day was for everyone to have a blast! Spoiler alert: the couple’s goal was accomplished.

Food for the Thoughtful: Joelle, the bride, is also particular with the reception menu. Because she wanted everyone to eat well, she paid extra attention to all the preferences and the nutritional differences of her guests.

The couple even brought different toys for every kid. No matter the age, they want all their guests (even the little ones) to have fun!

Heartfelt Words: From their authentic personalities to the way they care about their loved ones, there’s no doubt that this couple is genuinely loved by their family and friends. During the touching speeches of their loved ones, Joelle and Oliver can’t help but show their gratitude through their genuine emotions.

The Fun is Not Over: Following the heartfelt speeches of their loved ones, Joelle and Oliver were then surprised by the funny antics of their friends. The maid of honor and the best man arranged a surprise game which involved multiple questions which asked about some funny stuff about the couple.

Through a projector and the question presentation, the whole venue was once again filled with rounds of mirthful laughter. Great job to you, Mr. Best Man and Ms. Maid of Honor!

After the comical presentation, the dance floor started to fill up. From evening till dawn, the unbelievable energy of these people was truly entertaining!

The Art of Making Happy Memories: Our hearts were full just by witnessing the couple and all these people having a blast all throughout the day and night! Joelle and Oliver proved that making happy (and funny) memories is not impossible when you have the best people on your side. Congratulations love birds!