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Magical Cliff Sea-View Wedding in Paros

Through the coalescence of a cliff Aegean sea view and traditional Greek architecture, Maria and Mamdouh knew that this private villa in Paros is the perfect backdrop for tying the knot. Spoiler alert: they made the right decision!

Photo Credits: Achilleas Collaclides

This private villa can accommodate the whole family from the bride’s side as well as the groom’s side. The connection between these families was unique!!

The Big Day

Maria is a Lebanese bride and Mamdouh is an Egyptian groom who both decided that they want to be together for the rest of their lives. With cultural diversity at play, the couple’s exceptional ideas add a vibrant flavor to the overall planning and preparation of the wedding.

Maria and Mamdouh saved the 13th of July 2019 to walk their aisle to forever. With a buzz of love and excitement in the air, the couple and their loved ones prepared themselves hours before the much-awaited union.

The Art of Brotherhood: Mamdouh and his groomsmen look exceptional while wearing their suits and smiles.

Sweet and Stunning: Dressed in a fine-lace wedding gown, Maria is ready to wow her future husband and guests!

Shabby Chic Details: Aligning with the overall theme, this Polaroid booth was mainly composed of creamy whites, baby pinks, greens, and beige details.

Help Yourself to a Little Shade: With hats, fans, and mini umbrellas, this booth is a great idea for Maria and Mamdouh’s afternoon ceremony.

The Ceremony

Azure sea view + sunset’s golden glow + quaint decorations
= Magical Backdrop for Saying I Do

Maria and Mamdouh wanted to make this equation possible for their big day. To help them achieve their dream wedding, we ensured that every details of the preparation were aligned to this equation.

With 120 expected guests, we made sure that the ceremony area we chose can hold this number. Good thing, the private villa has a vast cobble-stoned space that is set in a cliff where everyone can enjoy the view of the Aegean sea. A total win-win!

To add more charm to the villa’s ceremony area, we enlaced it with chic and charming decorations. We also made sure that the set design will blend well with the scenic view of the sea and the golden glow of the sun. After the team’s preparation, the whole setup looks romantic with a lovely wedding arch, white tiffany chairs, and detailed decorations. The floral arrangement of shabby chic pink mixed with white flower & greenery adds a final touch of quixotic wonder to the whole area.

Humorous Touches: Mamdouh, it’s too late to run, cuz here she comes!

The Smile says it all! Mamdouh was filled with delight when he finally saw his stunning bride walking in the aisle.

The venue was filled with love and laughter when the couple exchanged their vows. Mamdouh, in particular, wrote a beautifully-written vow with a touch of humor to amuse her bride and their guests.

Journey to Forever: Nothing beats the triumphant feeling of turning your best friend into a lifetime partner.

The Fun- Filled Reception

Aligning with the romantic theme of the wedding, we opted to decorate the reception venue with more touches of shabby chic pinks, whites, and greens. From the wedding cake to the tablescape, we ensured that every little details are arranged to achieve the overall motif.

Maria, a famous dietitian, is also particular with the reception menu. With the bride’s extra care and attention to each guest’s preferences, we were able to come up with a thoughtful menu that everyone enjoyed.

Every details matter so we ensured that the table setup will bring positive vibe to all the invitees. A rose with a pale pink shade conveys a feeling of joy and we wanted the guests to feel that their presence was well-appreciated.

Guests’ Favorite: This open bar is another corner that the couple was specific about. They wanted everyone to enjoy the drinking party so we prepared 7 drink options and 4 cocktail choices. Cheers!

To heighten the romantic atmosphere of the celebration, we strategically placed several candles around the place. As a result, these tapers cast a quixotic golden glow across the reception venue. The couple and the guests loved it!

As the twilight turned into dusk, the venue became filled with more anticipated fun and party mood! Thanks to Achilleas Collaclides (the photographer), who documented all the highlights of this wonderful celebration of love.

And as for us? Our hearts were filled with joy because we had a chance to see the couple having fun and dancing non-stop all night. Witnessing Maria and Mamdouh in their most carefree state assured our team that we did our best in setting an exceptional atmosphere for making happy memories.