Romantic Radiance: 70+ Dreamy Lighting Ideas for Your Big Day

Lighting plays a big part in setting the mood of your big day. You can have the most beautiful decors, sumptuous buffet table, gorgeous centerpieces, and a stunning cake, but without proper illumination to highlight the good stuff, all these will be left unnoticed.

A lighting plan (with the help of an experienced lighting engineer) is an essential element in your overall preparation. You first should identify the best option to go with your chosen venue and which corners you’d like to put a spotlight on – your backdrop, the dancefloor, even the walls and ceiling. String lights, fairy lights, candles – the selections are endless – be it for an indoor affair or an outdoor celebration. Creating your lighting plan is also an awesome opportunity to get creative – coming up with unique ideas that will dazzle your guests.

Colors, brightness, warmth – there are so many ways you can play around with your lighting. In this article, we have gathered lighting masterpieces you can draw inspiration from. Read on to find which one suits your vision best.

Attractive Arches

Yes, you can incorporate lighting to your pretty wedding arches. Aside from highlighting the whole design, the lights also help make the details more defined and the floral to be more vibrant. There are numerous ways on how to do this using candles, string lights, and even neon signs!

1. Bedazzling Boho


Bulbs and blooms definitely go well together like this bohemian backdrop for an indoor wedding. The combination of cascading string lights, blooms, greens, and wildflowers, plus the soft glow of the floor candles make this set up ultra-romantic.

2. Vintage Vision


If you’re having an evening celebration, one way to make your set up stand out is proper lighting, like this arch surrounded by candles in vintage lamps. Hang some and leave some on the floor – you can’t never have enough lamps!

3. Blissful Bow


If you’re looking for new ways to elevate your greenery arch, adding strings of fairy lights might do the trick. Break the monochrome feel with shimmer and gleam to add that fairytale touch.

4. Drapes and Dazzles


Add a touch of dreamy ambiance to your countryside-themed wedding by matching your charming rustic decors with complementary lighting. Make your outdoor arch more magical with the help of warm and wonderful light bulbs. Set your arch beside a majestic tree and have the bulbs and a soft drape drop from the branches. Complete the look with some rustic lamps at the base. A real-life fairytale setting for your I dos.

5. Amazing Arch


Floral arches are simply a must when it comes to romantic weddings! Set a base of candles in a carpet of moss and fill your round arch with lovely lights. Swoon-worthy!

6. It’s A Sign


Add a modern twist to your floral arch by incorporating a vibrant neon sign. You can personalize this by using your names or a short and sweet message.

7. Fabricated Light


Turn a boring black wall into a brilliant backdrop with a simple soft fabric and some string lights! This is perfect for simple and minimalist indoor weddings. No fuss, just fabulous.

Charming Ceiling and Captivating Canopy

One of the most popular uses of illumination in weddings are ceiling lights and canopies. It’s no wonder as they instantly make a venue extra magical and dreamy as if a thousand stars showed up on your big day. String lights and fairy lights are most preferred for their length, versatility, warm glow, and fancy flicker.

8. Pretty Fairy Lights


Aside from tabletop lights, make your outdoor venue outstanding with some strings of fairy lights. These delicate ropes of radiance will make your guests feel like they’re in dining near the stars.

9. Gleaming Globes


You can never have too much fairy lights on your wedding! What’s awesome about these strings is that they are versatile, and you can shape them however you want, like these gleaming globes of light that can pose as chandeliers.

10. Starlit Sky


If you want something neat and organized, hang your fairy lights on tent frames for a sleek finish. This way, you’re sure that the lights are properly spread. You can also use bigger tent frames depending on the size of your venue.

11. Captivating Canopy


If you’re hosting a simple garden celebration with a single long table, a cascading canopy of string lights will do the trick. It’s beautiful, intimate, and utterly romantic. Your guests will feel like they are surrounded by a thousand fireflies.

12. Under My Umbrella


Go a little bit quirky with your lighting by including a surprising accent like umbrellas! Create an illusion of glittering rain with strings of fairy lights. What a beauty!

13. Lively Lanterns


A classic choice, you can never go wrong with lanterns. These balls of fun are pretty and fits just about any wedding theme. You can also have fun by going with different colors and shapes or stick with a chic and clean white. Both ways would be stunning for sure.

14. Sweetest Strings


Make your forest wedding more magical with a festoon of lights and greenery-inspired chandeliers. This will be the ideal set up for a woodland wonderland.

15. Barn Bash


Instantly transform your barn venue to a stunning spot just with the addition of proper lighting. Add string lights for a dreamy effect and candles to complement the rustic setting.

16. Starlight Shower


Nothing spectacular than a thousand lights blazing up your wedding. This starry night-inspired setting is gorgeous, with lights cascading down like romantic shooting stars.

17. Festoon Fest


Fall in love with festoon with this type of lighting plan. Fairy lights cascading down to the ground like a shimmering waterfall, as well as glimmering candles from the table down to the floor. Everything covered. Nothing can be more beautiful than this.

18. Sensational Strand


With strings as sweet and shimmering like this, you won’t need any other lighting for your wedding. Just perfect for an intimate sunset reception with single white candles on the table. Perfection!

19. Awesome Alfresco


Make your alfresco celebration more awesome with the proper lighting. You can mix and match your illumination, from string lights and light cages down to candles and lamps. Sky’s the limit and your creativity is boss.

20. Trendy Tent


Naked tent? Yes, you can! Drape your string lights into a dreamy tent “covering” your guests with shiny and stylish lights. Great for a forest fairytale.

21. Spellbound Spectacle


It’s your wedding – go big or go home, including the lighting. This lavish set up will surely leave your guests in awe. Cover the whole reception venue (yes, the whole venue!) with thousands and thousands of lights and treat them to a gorgeous spectacle.

22. Simple Strings


Even the simplest string lights make a stunning statement. If you want to keep everything on the down low, limit your lights to a few strings and let your love’s glow radiate.

Chic Chandelier

When it comes to lighting, chandeliers are a must-have. This fixture is versatile and fits just about any wedding affair – from luxurious and grand parties down to low-key and rustic celebrations. The radiance they bring to a venue is incomparable, like gem that truly stands out. Plus, they come in different styles, shapes, and designs – fits just about any wedding style.

23. Charming Chandelier


Dancing under a beautiful chandelier is a sign that you’re indeed in a happy ever after. These lighting jewels have a dreamy charm that instantly transforms a venue into a fairytale-like setting. These vintage-inspired ones give off that rustic chic vibe.

24. Crystal Creation


Nothing compares to the beauty and sophistication of a crystal chandelier. You don’t need any other elaborate décor, just this majestic piece is enough to make your whole lighting plan flawless and perfect.

25. Fit for Royalty


Make your wedding gorgeous, golden, and glowing with this fairytale-inspired chandelier. Partner t up with romantic candles in brass candelabras and you’re all set for a wonderful and magical night.

26. Regally Rustic


Elevate your tent reception to something sensational by incorporating chandeliers to your low-key setting. Add in some string lights and your guests will be instantly transported in a rustic wonderland.

27. Romantic Revel


If you have time to spare and want to get your creative juice flowing, you can DIY your chandelier based on your preference! This rustic-inspired masterpiece is made of simple materials – mason jars, some crystal strings, light bulbs, and some scrap metal and rope to hold things together – the end result is just awesome!

Fantastic Floors and Pleasing Paths

These areas and corners sometimes get overlooked but with the right lighting elements, floors and pathways can be a fantastic asset to your wedding venue. Dainty details and simple lighting decors are definitely enough to make a big statement.

28. Jars of Joy


If you want to include more lighting to your décor, using mason jars as candle holder is a great idea. It’s simple and easy to do but works wonders to a venue, especially outdoor gatherings. These joyful jars cast a magical air to the surroundings.

29. Shining Stairs


Don’t leave the venue’s stairs bare. There are a number of ways to glam up this side of the venue –where most of the guests will pass — like this candles and greenery combo that is simply stunning.

30. Floating Lights


Here’s another trick for one of your venue’s corners: floating candles in gleaming glass pillars. Create a beautiful contrast by adding vines of greenery, a carpet of moss, and some small shrub.

31. Chair Charmer


Even your chairs need some bling, too! Provide illumination to your bare floors with candles in pillar glasses. Finish the look with loose petals of your favorite flowers. You can go monochromatic with this one or do something fun and colorful. Remind your guests to be extra careful to avoid accidents.

32. Cool Candelabra


All you truly need in order for your venue to standout is an eye-catching piece that will spark your guests’ interest, like this vintage candelabra. Nothing fancy – just the right mix of greens, florals, and white candles. Completing the look is a crescent of smaller candles on the floor for added dazzle.

33. Sprinkle of Pixie Dust


Look as if you’ve collected a million fireflies with this dreamy display! Infuse a modern twist by using contemporary and geometric light cages and LED string lights. Spread them at random areas around your venue and let your guests chance upon them and be surprised.

34. Path to Forever


Having a night time ceremony? Be surrounded by a gorgeous glow by lining up string lights to create an unforgettable aisle. You can get creative with this one by adding more elements like candles or lanterns.

Flashy Florals and Bright Bulbs

There’s no better combination than blooms and bulbs. The flowers add the romance while the bulbs add the radiance.

35. Blooms and Bulbs


Dainty and dreamy, this combination of hanging blooms and bulbs is enough to take the breath away out of your guests. This lighting plan is perfect for an indoor (or outdoor!) spring fling. Too pretty!

36. Industrial Chic


Bare yet beautiful. There’s no need to add other elements to these bulbs, just look how they dazzle! Throw in some industrial chic vibe to a rather dainty setting by adding light bulbs.

37. Blazing Bulbs


Bask in golden glow by filling up your venue with these romantic bulbs. They effectively add a warm and dreamy ambiance, turning the place into a sepia-colored wonderland.

38. Burst of Brilliance


Want to dazzle your guests? Why not mix and match lighting elements like this one? Your venue will surely be filled with illumination and romantic glow with the help of this triple treat of industrial light bulbs, string lights, and candles.

Lovely Light Cages and Covers

If you want to make your candles and bulbs more attractive, conceal them in charming cages and covers. Adds more personality to the whole set up and you get to choose which cages and covers fit your wedding theme best. Whatever it is, there’s a cover and cage to save the day.

39. Geometric Glitter


A stylish way to modernize your lights? Add gold and geometric cages to them! These beautiful lighting elements come in various shapes and sizes which you can mix and match. Will also definitely cash fun shadows when it gets dark.

40. Ropes and Radiance


Don’t forget to illuminate corners in your wedding when doing it outdoors like trees and shrubs. Combine organic elements like ropes and flowers with metals and candles to create a beautiful contrast.

41. Gorgeous Glass


There are numerous ways on how you can use glass jars as supplement for your wedding lighting, like these dainty and dreamy hanging light cages. Throw in some beautiful blooms and light up those fairy lights and witness how your outdoor setting will instantly transform into a wonderland.

42. Shimmering Shapes


This romantic and bountiful set up sets up the bar when it comes to wedding dessert tables. Bounty of blooms, sweets, and loads of beautiful modern lighting – truly doesn’t hurt to have bit too much of everything.

43. Dreamy Design


What’s great about glass light cages is that they fit just about any wedding style for they are naturally romantic and beautiful. They are also versatile and can be turned into different shapes and designs, from pretty pillars down to geometric gems.

44. Sweet Shades


Find beauty in everyday stuff like this setting using quirky lamp covers. Mix and match with different colors, shapes, and designs to create a set up that is uniquely yours. Add in some hanging florals and you’re set for a fun and fab night.

45. Wonderfully Woven


Sprinkle some bohemian sparkle to your celebration by adding wonderfully woven light cages in place of chandeliers. These pieces will fit right in with the overall look, especially with the flowers you’ll be using like pampas grass and wildflowers. It will surely be a night to remember.

46. Lamp Shade Love


Here’s another take in lamp shade covers. Go for a muted monotone and pretty pastels for a daytime affair. Hang the shades low and pair them up with your whole wedding table set up. Everything will look chic and cohesive.

47. Luxe Luster


These glass candle cages are simply stunning! Fill your venue with more gleam and gorgeousness as these gems imitate beautiful light bubbles above your guests. Finish off the look with a cascade of fairy lights on the wall.

Memorable Marquee

Nothing screams personalized than big and bold marquee letters on your big day. They come in all shapes and sizes, all glowing and gorgeous.

48. Love Letter


Do you have a favorite number? How about a significant letter? You can pay homage to them by putting up a bold and lighted marquee. It can also be your and your partner’s initials. It’s a great source of light and can moonlight as a corner for photos and picture-taking.

49. Marquee Moment


Instead of initials, you can also put up a marquee of your favorite passage or phrases, like this rustic and wooden creation. What’s great about marquees is that they are both a décor and light source, hitting two birds with one stone in your planning check list.

New Wave Neon

If you’re looking for different shades and colors for your wedding, using neon lights is the way to go. Neon lights are fun, funky, and fab, bringing a modern and youthful vibe to your event. This also works if you want something reminiscent of the disco era and the ‘80s. Both works beautifully!

50. Wonderwall


Dazzle your wall décor with a neon sign for an added appeal. Use single-color florals, white frame, and white light for some monochromatic magic. Just the perfect backdrop for those wonderful wedding photos!

51. Stylish Signage


For the ultimate wedding corner, mix glass and neon for some sweet and sleek sign! Here’s a neat trick: add some color to the whole set by putting fresh flowers of different sizes hues at the back of the glass to create a fresh and fab background!

52. Bar Blitz


Here’s another cool way on how you can utilize neon lights: as bar signage! Make sure your guests are notified that in the right place (and right celebration!) by placing these signage at different corners of the venue.

53. Modern Party


Your guests will surely be in for a surprise with this neon wonderland! Go all out with crazy colors and fun decors from ceiling lights down to quirky centerpieces. Perfect for wedding parties (and after-parties!).

54. Futuristic Fever


A lighting plan like this will transport your guests to the future! Instead of the usual lamps or candles, a neon tube light that cuts across the whole table is a cool and fun way to make a statement.

55. Old and New


It’s a mix of the classic and contemporary with this wedding arch of cascading blooms. The top part features a modern neon sign and the bottom glitters with traditional candles. Best of both worlds!

Tripe Treat: Trunks, Tipi, and Torches

The best thing about doing a lighting plan is that you can get creative. Based on your theme and venue, you can add as many lights onto as many nooks and crannies as you can. You can also add in lighting decors and fixtures to complement the whole setting.

56. Pole of Forever


A minimalist way to add lanterns to your outdoor affair is through poles and tipis, like this beach wedding wonder. You can use installations like this to light up corners and paths to help your guests find their way.

57. Tipi Treat


Complement your forest fairytale with tipi light poles for your guests’ tables. It will feel like they’re away at camp with this fun and rustic set up, great for laid-back outdoor celebrations.

58. Topnotch Torch


A classic for beach weddings, torches are a must to light the path and surroundings of your venue. They add to the authentic tropical vibe of the celebration and of course add warmth when the night gets chilly. Don’t leave your torches bare, tie in some ribbons and flowers for a romantic flair.

59. Branching Bright


Go for something minimalist but magical by using tree branches snaking through your venue’s pillars as the main highlight of your lighting plan. Cover them in fairy lights and let them illuminate the whole place. Bring the wonder of the outdoors to your indoor setting by using this lighting style.

60. Tree of Treasures


Trees at your outdoor venue can be utilized to become supersized decors by adding lights to them! Have fairy lights cascade down from the branches and create a paradise of lights in your venue. You can also use string lights or neon tubes, sky’s your limit!

Top-class Tabletop

Before working on the corners, the most important area to put in proper lighting is your tables. This is where your guests will be sitting, and proper illumination is needed to highlight everything you have prepared for them. It’s also a vantage point where they will be witnessing how your celebration will unfold, that’s why giving them the proper lighting is necessary.

61. Wick and Wonders


You can never go wrong with candles as a lighting option for your wedding. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Plus, the more, the merrier! Their soft glow is reminiscent of fairytales like this gold-colored number fit for a happy ever after.

62. Tabletop Treasures


Match your lighting with your table setting like this mix of lamps and candles which gives out a magical Moroccan night vibe. Plus, when in doubt, go for gold to complement the soft and sweet flickers of your lights.

63. Candles Abound


As mentioned earlier, the more, the merrier! This setting overflowing with candles is a rustic-loving couple’s dream. The combination of jars and candelabras make an effortlessly cool lighting plan that will surely delight the guests.

64. Chic Centerpiece


Yes, you can incorporate lights in your centerpiece, like this fun and quirky combo of blooms and hanging candles. A terrific terrarium of colors, light, and charm – something that will surely catch the eye of everyone.

65. Garden of Lights


Create a garden of light and love right at the dinner table with this beautiful and dazzling lighting technique! Don’t by stingy with your decors – have candle cages hang from bursting trellis and let floating ones glow from fantastic glass holders. Nothing more magical than this!

66. Rustic Radiance


Skip the candles and go for a more vintage look with rustic old lamps! These pieces have an old-world appeal that will surely be a hit to your guests. Surround them with greens and quirky accents to complete the rustic romance.

Winning Walls and Bedazzling Backdrops

Don’t know how to glam up the walls for your wedding? Add some lights! They will instantly elevate the usually boring surface making them the perfect backdrop for amazing photos and unforgettable moments during the wedding.

67. Winsome Wall


Everyone will be happy to be “jailed” if the walls are as beautiful as this. If you’re doing an outdoor affair but wants it to be cozier and more intimate, create a wall of lights in place of solid covers. Cool breeze will still get to pass through, and the cascade of lights will be enough to provide proper lighting. This is how you win in styling!

68. Roses and Romance


Roses are for romance and you can incorporate these classic blooms to your wall décor. Tie them in cascading string lights to create an illusion that your guests are being rained on and showered by the rosiest petals. Throw in some greens for the most perfect contrast.

69. Wall of Wonders


Highlight your couple’s table with a backdrop of the most romantic lights and the lushest greens. This is also a creative way to cover a rather boring wall that you may want to conceal. And best of all? Your photos will be gorgeous courtesy of the fantastic lighting!

Dance Floor Dreams

This is where you and your guests will have the most fun, so keep the dance floor lighted and illuminated!

70. Disco Dancing


Disco lights are always fun, so don’t forget to incorporate them in your lighting planning. Add a couple of disco balls for out an out of this world play of reflection and lights. This will get your guests dancing in no time for sure.

Pretty Firework and Stunning Sparklers

Get your guests involved with the whole lighting game by giving out sparklers for your send off or first dance. If you’re feeling generous, you can also prepare a firework show right after the reception –something that everyone will look forward to witnessing, for sure.

71. Shower of Sparkles


Be bathed in light as you sway on your first dance with the help of your guests and some sparklers. This comes out beautiful in photos and an awesome way to get your guests on their feet and be involved in one of the most special moments of your big day.

72. Statement in the Sky


Go out with a bang as husband and wife – literally! A firework show for your guests is a complete treat for sure. Light up the sky with lights and sparkles – just like your love for each other. Just a tip: make sure that the venue or location of your wedding allows such activities.

Utterly Unique

There are a thousand ways on how to incorporate beautiful lighting in your wedding. You can come up with unique ideas that have never been seen before or you can draw inspiration from these sparkling jewels.

73. Memorable Monogram


One way to perfectly personalize your wedding is by having a monogram of your initials – in lights! This is a versatile choice as you get to select where to project it – on the wall or on the floor – as long as you got a wide space, you’re all set.

74. Bright Boats


If you’re getting married near a body of water, here’s an awesome idea to incorporate in the celebration — floating lanterns! Request your guests to write their well wishes and congratulations and watch these glowing gems float on into the night. Again, make sure that your venue and location allows this type of activities to avoid problems.

75. Fine Fireplace


If you’re getting married during winter or around the cooler seasons, a fire pit is the perfect addition to your lighting decors. You’ll get everyone warm and cozy plus the illumination will be simply wonderful. Another surefire hit.

76. Tantalizing Table


Instead of on top, why not put the lights UNDER the tables? This is a fun, unique, and definitely magical take on lighting ideas. Choose soft, textured, and light-colored fabric to cover the tables to complete the wonderful look.

77. Sweet Spotlight


via Pinterest

Get to choose the sweet spots with this lighting technique. With spot lighting, you get to decide which areas to highlight on your wedding, whether it’s the cake, the couple’s table, and even the guests. It’s also a great way to conceal empty spaces in the venue.

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