Boutique Baptism in Paros Island

“A Day Dream”

Most of the time, extravagant decorations are not required to achieve extraordinary results, especially during a baptism, when all the lights are on the innocent (but usually full of tears) eyes of the baby. The theme of the christening depicted below was inspired by the location it took place along with the cute nickname of the baby girl “flower”. The color palette and the dominant decoration features was a combination of the characteristic white of the Cyclades and the pink fresh flower arrangements made of lysianthus, bouvardia, astilbe, hydrangeas and snowberries all joined together with fresh green leaves. The christening took place in a close family circle which enabled the family’s first excursion and the baby girl’s first swim! The porcelain favors were decorated by a lovely painting of the picturesque chapel and the flower crown that was worn by the star of the day, the little baby girl. The invitations were a map of the island Paros (Where the event took place) and the key places of the event were emphasized for the guests. The event was completed with an evening pool party at the hotel Paros Eden View where the whole family stayed in amazing bungalows. That also helped boost the family’s appetite to stay and relax in one of the most amazing islands of the Cyclades that offers a great view of the Paroikia bay.<