Cupid Angel Factory

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Give birth to the cutest little cupid angels and send them wherever you want in the world to spread the love !

Our Cupid Angels spread love and romance all around the world and many lucky couples end up having their dream wedding in wonderful Greece.
You can fully customize the Image of Cupid, the Love Message and their position and size in the frame.
Need Help? Click here to watch a short video with instructions


The images may need some time to download, please be patient. – Once you’re happy with your creation, click on share to generate the image and download it or send it. You will also receive a copy at the “from” email address you entered.

Leave your ideas of more variations you’d like to see in the Cupid Factory in the comments below!

If you are a Business… you can do Embedded Marketing with us and achieve wide reach and high impact via our funny and unique Product Placement.
Contact us and we will work together to bring your product to our Cupid Angels.

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